Is it ok to know Harvy Milk?

Sure it is.

2013 March

The strain on developing world wide influences, I just finished a essasy on my own, and at home alone too, the deepest part of interest was a human population bloom, and contraceptives.

The controversey issues of unplanned pregnecies, the divorse rates, and most a health care issue in insurance costs, health care media care system, social liability to influence and indipendance and other values that conduct morel building leadership that assists in changing the way a culture conducts its freedoms in approximity to each social group, including there ow.

Does this relate to Harvy Milk, not in any way destructive, the reasosn of discussing referance to political processes in the democratic exchanges of power in the era.

So why a hard hand in a world of axis powers giving the demeanor of values that reveal the process of progressive reasoning of inductive challanges that conduct a lean towards the progressive and a slight incentive to imperilisms corporate laws to added theologics in todays social laws salads of patronizing persons who challange differance.

Who qualifes to be differant? what offers to values we as a group we endure to establish a trait in my studies that will conduct the steroids controversy and why, the contraceptive era, the democratic era, and the homosexual invasion that coropsponds to human behaviors subjected to there learning habituals, conditioning morels and scientific  insight to there group.

Why does a controversial study suggest to promote a issue of learning mass, matter, genetic control and the progeney of each family in genes by generated chromosomes and inheritance.

I will go back in time, the process to go back in time is on a stem line in change, how? the time lapse in change regards to a social logic of adaptive stategic socialogies and given demographics of ecomoincs that includes employement and posts to importance.

Does the topic Homosexual being discussed in the era of 1979 and going back further a topic discussion in 1964?

If the sterotypical radical insight to social function reanimating the trends once lived by, this means the classes and the gene pools that based on the learning provided and approved by the systems to govern the education on the growth pools of the era stated.

Today the topic homosexual is related to a medical or a social qurk in genes, some will offer the explaination of other idealogic’s that project the environment of there origins that claim to have altered the sexual preferance on the RD3 chain as some groups do claim as well the hand of God, as part of the sin concept.

To me all three are some what right, but not quite, the blame is on there own genetic chromosome, this is natural Darwinian selection process, called natural selection, and when natural selection processes the warning signal to clean the chain pools up its a indicater that all first born on large families shall be a carrier of this RD2 hydroxy chain on the chromosome.

For social instruction to ponder on homosexuality and how to adapt to changes of people coming out, the purpose is to warn by behavioras in pattern, and the chains in groups DNA, weather 50 years ago, or 5 million years ago, God still gave a birth to give cause to its others in the pools of large families.

So does this RD2 have the right as any on the globe as once riduculed by human communications to each others education infrastructures that seemed to not be quite understood, only parts of how socially academic the process to what it is learned in genes given to specific social faults, that pertain to the environemts as well.

So today, we conduct a closer look at youth wanting to become gender recognized, this is more to be an open book of the environment, the influence and the gene pools exact approximate closeness to each gametes in rest and hereditary chromosomes gene pools in large and short family genes.

Genes at the pool must meet specific organ maturty to mount any specific association to sexual pleasure that normaly an adult experience ina reproductive stage and at a specific age, usally after puburty.

There was a radio show, on a winnipeg station, discussing the challenges of youth far beynd the mature ages of organ maturity and reproductive ages, the topic was about sexual identidy.

the radio hosting the air time of what modern phsychology and the mental stage of youth wantinmg to under go theropy to identfy the sexual preferances of the youth and or just the  sugesstions of youth conducting measurements of there own predeterminations of what they have aquired through languages environemtal issues and extreame commercialism in challanges that take a toll, either to a make it or break it group.


So how does the group conduct social indenty with adult public mannerisms and conducting family values? intodays progressive order of learning life styles that usally take to the adult formualtion of social stimuli?

Does this conduct conclude to say the youth today can be held accountable to make choices in legal issues at the ages of a once considred age to decide there parents are resposnable for there chromosome RD2 gene? or ADHDA?

or is this the resposable account of the goverment by learning destimction of values over time to natural selections in genes that cause early warning signs?

Can youth decide to ask theropists to sexualy identify there problems by what they have to express or explain?

Expalining the expression of a RD2 gene is what we call earlier on the chain in the approxiomate pools on each gamete.

to allow the decisians to identify is a legal one, doctors in the profession should be held to know how accountability will conduct there ealry preventative measures that seem to be located as medical concern, and down the road it seems the majorty of the pools who have RD2 genes, and others who have incomplete gene profiles.

Say, the group is, hypothetically constructing a palmer suggestion, heres a doosy, Kiddies, of all the RD2 genes, go get em. conclusion is the class room environemt learning process.

I will add more on the taxonomy with a specific cell target site, in the 1980’s and the earlier years on cancer studies in primates, and the genes in sexual reproductive approximate closeness to our human DNA.

This conducts the plecenta in stress in a primate, the HTVL-1, is exposed to to the fetus and the anti bodies are being distributed through out the primates blood circulations to act as a miroanti body to its own chain.

The anti body made is extracted from the primate and is placemta and is a reproductive cancer anti body to anti body on to the next form, reaching the size of a anti body to fit the human chains, the reproductive target size.

The antodote? the CD4 T-cell is membrane associated to the cervical cancer HTVL-1 IN PRIMATES the anti bodies needed to resize a macrophage by its own on its own with a clean HTVL-1 gene missing. the one ecoded string to make anti bodies against the matching size of each antibodies made by each placeta typing. 

How does this study relate to taxonomy and discovery in decoding contraceptives? and natrually as selection occurs in groups? yup.



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