The Homo zygotes of a oocyte chain. The large gene families in a large generated gene pools, this occurs in every one in four to both paternal gametes.

The hydroxy 17 beta sterase RD2 chromosome is a complimentary to a progeny pool, if known it warns the pool to slow down.

These are what you call the first born With a RD2 hydroxy 17 sterase hormone incompletion cross in chromosomes becoming a long effort to long on the chain with out consiquence, and a consiquence to fix by genetic reorganization and completing the gene control to fiz 17 betahydroxysterase gene, an incomplete cross in meiosis and meteisis.

This give the homosexual RD2 incomplete gene as a warning string to slow the chain down as said in fruit flies over breeding.

How does the hydroxy sterase  chain identify its recognized porportions of hormones need to reach the chemical that reacts the reproduction electrolytes to enter none electrolyte chemical polarity situated as growth develops into the organ production state as maturaty reaches a chemical hormone that makes the marker to start its communication signal to relate and associate to sexual preferance in the incomplete sexual charecteristics, this chromosome is stored on the both gamtes in there strings in the approximate distance to mark the probability to sex determination of chemical DNA that decide the choices when age reaches such a production state.

The Canadian health of younger gene pools learning more about sexual identity become a learning environment brought into the brain’s inheritance as well.

After all we are what we learn, but to conclude total learning progress is not all responsiable to what we may be determined as a gene progeney, and either by one in four as well.

the learning mechanisms become a morel logistics outside the paramteres of each individuals reciving and sending responses, this is social instructions by habitual conditioning for strength in supportive insights of practices learned, this is social relating, the building blocks of decoding the human endurance to measuerments of something differant in the enviroenemtal encounters.

The RD2 hydroxy sterase gene is a warning signal for large pool families. The conclusion to forced evolution is as follows: If you can’t join them, Out breed them, it was a theme in a famous movie, and the wording involved a scene with a King, and had his Son in line of the throne to succeed him, I interpreted this instantly as the sodem and gamora terminology by his weak son, his sons military advisor, and the King’s abundance in materials, food and advanced logics of the day, seemed to be why the King’s son and the King’s son advisor to be more than a social prodigy behind closed doors, i mean behind castle doors, such as towers, like auther, the supossed king as to auther killed his 12 year old son in line for the throne,

This might be a case of zealous rulership, but who knows, the controversy still bargains quilt to a death of a family member, and gives rise to innocnet as well to know why King Auther a 12 year old king died in mysterious way.

The sodem and gamora was of course written for the way to function in the old days prior to organized groups that advance there species as human source on the DNA chain.

How did sodem and gamora get into the church clergy of the hebrew text in litrature? Was this a common scroll to follow? most likely, the cause to announce the genes that were always in a harem at some point to punnit square the groups in a ritual some groups pratice still today.

A man to several wives. The progeney to one in four occuur to map the traits 1 in 4, the mapping and logging is essential to stock the typing in blood groups to become a key interest by there completetion in gene chains with no incomplete chromosomes.

Oocytes in a Royal blood line? what is the chance a gene may be stationed to apply economics and or large incorporations? does this run in the genes?

I will mark the genetic place on how function works with environemtal exposres and learning behind public social everyday ordinary life styles.


  the each one in four, and the first born


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