TITLED: “Behavioral Sanctions” The CNS synapase accord

CNS inscription, behavioral instruction to map inheritance, logic’s of hereditary part 1 of 9, in series of mammalian neurological concepts to habits.

Does work contain answers to a life long effort to learn social functions? Yes it can produce the same alliance in the instruction to survive at the handlers chemical creation to lose or add basic engineered CNS turbulence with in regions a mouse, a dog and a human can inductive relate to microbiology and protein gratitude a natural selection to know the cellular levels of providing proteins to establish the values needed to pass on the natural selection in feeding to stay alive is a subject we all carry.

The proteins on the mouse multiplied in cDNA is not new, and is no big secrete either, its the money part that people CNS there insight to stay by the money paper back with in its self all together i a group thinks carefully comparable needs and wants.

A dog has the behavioral patterns as well one specific protein are resembled in protein structures when relating to ATP, c ATP and the same as human related sources of energy that goes to specific target sites in cellular distributing these mouse genes in the food chain, like i said its no big deal.

My dog has eaten fabricated protein structures in the pet food, the source is not relevant, but as study provide basic instincts on life with out asking a doggy to crack some ice with a ice pick, surly the limitations on behaving habits can mimic some edge of instantly quirks we see once in awhile by either habit forming, or some sort of conditioning that may of happened in the doggies body langues that sparked my interests when instinct become a turned on television set to frequencies in radio graphing yawns and danger alerts, yah so what the dog counter habits its emotion to stop like a mouse, look like a mouse and then if not interpreted  yes, the dog goes on to condition at rest time as fear by frequencies projected by CNS mouse specifics not really scene just yet. it gets better, trust me.

Say, my studies in engineering cDNA is an open book, I make no dollars to lead a pack of sick or dying breeds of a lost DNA chain to its rightful line for a throne deal, it should be considered free as far as i am concerned, why pay for a long ribbious stretch highway to see how we will end up if money is never in the blood?

Kinda stirs the moment of being to perfect on one chain for too long don’t it? Well my grandmother did say i was the greedy one, and yes it was meant to be a compliment too.

why all the fuss on mouse genes in the food market? ask the companies who make proteins safe for a diet stretch on the this type of chain to see what the point is all about.

Weather its female hormones that mice have the same instruction to establish a survival of its species and the break one may be looking for.



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