“THE GROUP” “The faternity to Savor for”

As we age, so does technology, economics, and so does the needs of 7 Billion peoples cinducting destinction as they see age, and preticulars they hold in skills, and even gene pool progeney specialties older patental parent groupd choice n pick as ther favs over the fads of relics that out perform each group to every generations.

How true is this today? Well today we pay just for every thing we need to keep coming back, yes sir rhey, for more, and more again, its true with out having what we had as partial conditioning to spend as part of normacly in human behavioral science in animal logistics to mapp human habits vs the environments and herditary traits to commpassionate corrospondance with contact of the locked up, like lets say the insane, the decrepit and the alice in a nut wapper case for bible docrine evolution in latin, well then made greek.

why so many who needs to hear who? oh well to impoertance right? Say the each time discovery is contained to end each others reign, eiarther the classes fight to cling to constincy in lifes easy inductions of rambling on for a scienctific view of seeing genes pay for a way of life they were conditioned too, and yes for the logs, the time it takes calm over calamity in new orders over the old ones, it well, geeze takes a hightened view of how to pay for every walk of fame to favor for as either a sole occupant to compete with the loss of a group and a loner in pyschiatry works sigmund froid will have to do his re-books in making. but really?

Setting up a faternity is a adult game to play, and for kindness groups made to realise they count as important to there stay, is equally to power groups in making new laws decide on how to function in occordance to lifes changes.

oh well the next blog will not say how to profit, but most will use power progressive orders to lesson the adults in a mode of having the cognitive process of patterning the issues of thinking having advantages taken for granted by blind sighted, sugar daddied the funded groups to gain tactical views of lifes uncaring, wild and troubled some to what?

 yuper woop it up a notch to land deals up here sir, napolean was right. he did the right thing.

But oh well we venture our youth to captilize the gains at others expenses, so be it if they lame it out on the tax payers dole, and be it if the sick and insane out weigh the gene puritans cause once marked as royal oocyte priaorty to rule by name and gene, but again the jail time in a democratic country is seen over seas on how pure the classes are, it depend on how we leak our way to aging the hospitality out as professors gear up to battle there own fall of there own teachings from a credit of the past. wo, wo wo, said it three times, and then four and then again five, what did it mean? nothing at all son, just words, just words my son. 


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