PATERNAL TIME TRAVEL’S Progeney’s traits to Success or….

Ever wonder if a generation decreases in a pool, either to predict failure to succeed the progressive advanced cultures that conduct performances with in there reasons of conducting theory to off springs future and reflective past behavioral tactics of an individual’s, or a generation’s gene pools organisms life span.

How we seperate the causes of interuption in destructive & destinction by natrual selection by nature or forced evolution by man and or woman and child, such as short predertimination on sterotypical analistic values, which conduct the learning of how hidden internal bio-proccessing occurs due to parenting pools, environmetal exposure times and by habit, which conducts a re-distibute to the chemicals of environmental processes.



The two semi main wave particles that inscript learning processes and cognitive instructions, recall and formation that use the origins of equations made by proccessing and storage capabilitites as growth, maturity and decay along with environmental external stimulus which conducts to shape as aging progresses, to plane the conduit branch line transmitters response times by the weight, the size & information organism encounter mass molecular structure as we exisist to penatrate the environment surroundings.

As behavorial practices become more of an equal balance to function mentally and use the mental cognitive recall and response to the chemical storages learned and dendrite conduit shaped and is the formulation and equation to long term formula in both physical, emotional, socially responsive to performance by interaction relations using the amount of time exposures to elemental decay and uses of our aging to utilize by images in photoreceptor processing & storages, audio wave penatrations,allowed and recognized process and recall use to recognize mass molecular chemical processing.


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