PART 5 of Alien Bacteria.

why does the governments spend a great deal on projects that needs to be sewn up so tight no one ever learns of there actual origins, other than a few genes from a string that had a less axis of power in the hunt for minerals and encountered scary rituals?

Ever wonder that pretending to be a better chain is not good for the environment? Let me take the moment of interrupting a moment of mental asper rations meant for atmospheric spectrometry projects of the environment research, called asper for short.
Is this real or what? says it like it is baby, hey, its fun being colored. any who, me old cousins of the weay we used to hunt chickens, the genetic heart chemicals that awakes on specifics when unthawed in a cyrostasis frozen in time.

Yaz, eets truezed sir, 128 micronz of yearz, a ear to growz, a noze too if yaz want it yaz got it, anyvays iza heers to tallz ya of somzing more truthzy, I haza no intereztzeds in children, see a loney scientistz aza I, learning da machinez 1st den da light and da saltz that can be activated voncz again my mozat friendz, yaz if time in cyrostais waz indee a big secrte why advertise it for our kiddes in small cities to learn write about it on term papers for furute jobs? uh?

Oh za vell, vsay, Spanish vuz hard yuz? we,, goot, letz giv da peoplez vhat dey vant, eh? der it is, a play on minerals become one sir.. ditrium and tritium becoming one, and? can you as a loney scientist clone the glod as you say you can?
Sure what in da helck do think I do all day? sit and watch? do I look forging to you? come, I got cheap gene from a genehood of the sperm back heist, what?

If you know something about that sperm bank heist I expect you to cough up what ever ya know pronto… little loney one.. got it?
geeze crustoo, dontz get zo perzanlal, eh.. it was kinda spizy,
What? spizy? what the helck is wrong with? spizy?

yaz ser, spizy, hic.. oops
Zee, now all my little children in me can fluorsish yaz?
Yaz what ypu psyco with wrong ideas.
vhat? first yaz hir me, now yaz hate me, vhat di itell yaz youz would turn in on your own belifes uh?
Nowza you think I poped out of swiss candy chocolate baox made for a special breed of predertimated lean orders for personal toyz to fart aroiund with? get real crustoo.
it’s inspecter JD crumbs ss. crewstoea you mimicking fool! geeze these hired hands!
vhat happened to mr. krinkles? who in the f… is mr. crinkles? don know? you asked.

any vays you asked about light, not about ..hic.. sperm banks, vich von do ya vant, light or sperm banks? hmmm the salsa in both seem too delicate to intreigue the population by meaning lesser accounts of the homeless, the pyscho anylyuctic play of how I went through to see how fabulous my work was over the competing bargains of death in predertminatoing society as gene trait in phenotyping profiles to causes exhibited to be used for either a gain or a cover up.

so, who got the insurance peterda fishery accountz? you know the ones we as you are assigned too? after planning some get together on predetimined accident charts the world was now at war. thank, thank you very much, cuba lives, well not really its just words. hey by the way I a had a dream the dali lamba walked the core cities inner streets while the gun toting community was saluting him with a no arms trades, now this is true mind you, I do dream of weird things but actual when I woke sir, is was dream, just a dream.

I will bend light for ya layter


“ALIEN BACTERIA” written on free press comments too

Honestly, I would not suggest greed to one site now would I?, Well? The theory to adaptations is considered to be justified in behaving performances contain the minerals of just the right amounts, some have too little, others have too much, obviously the erratic attitudes towards a species innocent to internally try to chelate it’s own body free of a energy source bombarded by atomic radio waves that conduct a conduit branch of behaving reactions we call stupidity, sarcasms, or just plain folks jumping in a circle and committing suicide for other reasons of what they been oppressed to function by there learning years as some gratitude to there teachers. Wow!

I have given every site the opportunity to see read and focus on altrolisms in sociology far beyobd the measurements of normal sanity when it become part of the greedy legalised part of the professionalisms in what behavioural practicums achieve by economic insight as a dominate trait to see in all the functions of the global populations genes.

Why not, every body seems to like power, money and yes the lesser chain falling on its face once in while, we teach the youth to embrace it and move on, of course posting the tragic parts of gore and scaling down walls for a moment of instant popularity, love it, don’t you?

Personally I use hydrogen to cart my self around, f…..oops the gas n oil thingy, but keep up the good works, it really did keep the planet from ripping apart in a four fold explosion, god that would be great on boo tubes, get a life cracker jack I do not have space dementia either.

what I got is space bacteria dementia, and I returned to tell you the bow shock event on the edge of the universe can be punched through, its that simple, weather you think I’m crackers or just think I have no clue, or weather to why existence held me in the chain of events to your own liking for your personalized social profile to bend n shape for you’re popularity rankings, its true, and yes there is mot a whole lotta promo you can do about it either.

I write to mentally intrude to the world that there is no one capable of stopping messaging at a point were it reflects human safty on the global chain, if you honestly take breaking a nail while writing with a program that keeps the mentality of bargains to produce a natural killer out of a dishonest human organism, and turn an innocent man into a saint, the charges of expression detail causes for one econmonc purpose, and to me I could throw all this in the trash with a click of mouse, and yup the house, the apartment and every thing on my back, even the skimpy teeny weeny little undershorts that was bought as swiss cottons, gone, bare butt baby, and the truth to man hood? what is that any ways?

In part 5, I will explain how cut offs, in expression can lead to the mentality insights of police, mental patients, layers, yes and movie actors trying out the same thing all having the one thing in common, but that’s in the part 5.

Also you will read about how a psychological manifestation occurs in under cover stings relating to catching aliens in the back yard, and its legal baby.

The amount of secretes on a file or profile begin with the conscious of creation to synapse suggestions of topic of interest, in problem solving, the censes of the group contain the more or less of the unknown in gathered details, and perturb there own factors of four for the not so sure to pass on specifics of the groups belief, what ever the groups can suggest to make the easy believe in what there dealing with, and the propensity to predetermine the dangerousness of predictability in all human subjects as they vote to tell of the unknown as if they would know?

They allow to give public statements to ensure the force is with them, kind of like the events to unfold involving there own now, tisk tisk tisk. Not a bad deal when you think about law, alien secrets from space and how does a giant ship really float? the management of some shops, wonder if they had car 51 tour the talent search for early career minded cadets of the tomorrow new future stars for a dounut or two?

Alien relations to stings of quantum foam strings? Well that’s the anger in creating counter measurements of really not to sure on clients of national security to magistrate democratic freedoms of expressions of all kinds of beliefs.

And what about what’s in it for the ones involved? For what they do, and in case of an alien bacteria fire? Yaz you call the Mormons no?

Or do we military dance and pose for a dollar or two in hopes to drive the bug out, nasty exorcism of that cause to human nature, to the pricy class in details, to the poor but monetary in richness, the dooped and lame, hats off to the order of oocytes in the baby vampire stories of how abductions of the abduction, other than alchemies deep in the woods, whom they serve for a gold coin, like a cleaning maid scrubbing floors for the Emperor, and some thing like the maid in the second world war as well, or of how to be ordained and walk holier than the pope him self, and finding out what the holy grail was actually written to follow about in secrte, what a story uh?
Of course the social aspects of respect to bound in terms of the duly noted truth of human nature brought to you by the freedoms of the press.

How unscathed to toil and tool around with delegated power’s of axis, of the unknown shall we read and televise about for the world to see, uh?

Besides I like the Mormons anyways, they took the rainy boy to new heights, glamour and success, they now know they too can make things happen even for folks like you.

No no no, its a good thing, her to, yes its a good thing, what? real time expressions of wording functions on screen is not limited to be owned by just a undercover keiber cobbler cookie groups with technology from space now is it?

My god, what’s the world going to do when I have to step down and tell them the agency wasted there dollars on a psychiatric hunch of suggested plays to publicly view a guy from china, the India’s, no not the prince here he is ok, the Crowns saved him in the early twenties remember, do your history academy of law abiding kiddies in small cities, who had dignitaries family study the frontier’s energy, and carbon molecules of gas structure releases, and in man too, the study include how killer instinct in man became a plagued on set of sociology instructed protocols to law and society shall follow, as for the in and out of the body experiences?

A paper ad, and by a bug relationship we can relate too, and yes many do bank on it too, cash hard cold cash, its natural dopamine by creating alien insight to controversial mayhem how professionaims can be bought and sold for loyalty, they did say mans loyalty could be bought for hard, cold cash in a ny view of the banking ideas of modern man learned of today.

the bug by CFIA a vials as to in study? Or to movie the rights as how the goebells in a france theater was introduction to social norms of the future? Look ma we seen it on tv.. to the sale of man hood on x-ray screens? well god bless the perv who sells x-ray plates to get off on x-ray porn, the modern day tool of seeing behind bedroom walls, wow!
and the well being of an antidote never to be given? oh boy slap a me now, mama meia, the maYa tech scripts have come back on twenty dollar bills with clay print sculptors for the Spanish, oops, cut the cord on the internet, what will the ciss do if I was one of there own? in cog into working behind the veils of injustices done by there professionalism of walking the walk to the long and cold desert last walk you know, drudge and dred the cake we stamp our selfs on, the team snapped?

Well maybe not the CFIA bug in the rights for the wrong reasons, other than the talk of toci, and of planning are done here in many ways and performed, thing is there is more people to be hated by alien acknowledgement of professionalisms greatest deals to close the intensions of making it what? big

Or a tax break? or a land deal? hmmm tech no logy now a days. you will see in part six the profile of a human being, weather pink, black blue or hold a stick to build an ant hill for the queen bee and buzz her drones around to (“pleasure’s to the belief of behaviors”) gone wrong for the all the right reasons.

Why do they have special powers to delegate police, and other security medias from reaching the wrong peoples at the wrong timing of suggestions become part of the communities other related half to suggest profiles shall be aired via to suggest a pict of trading in profiled beliefs?

Is there an emotional impact on preferences made to express the dangerousness in each others creditability?

As said, in the planet, about the time on how it started, and just about the time how the earth made relativity to image and impersonate the experience’s of an orbiting mimic of minerals mirroring silver in cloned state, to show how smart the the subject of interest could actually clone gold and silver too, let alone RNA/cDNA?

Or in a wave of brutal alien bacteria entry breaches from space? and the only thing on the minds is boo tube laying corpse of the wrong bug to commercialize on by our new kiddies who learn how to snap shot the sarcasms of sociologic insights of the human being?

Rather than the bug its self, it common sharing sense between professionals and project forfeits on exterminating the same species as they come from, the human cell.

In part seven, you will be able to maladjusted the social contributions by adult mannerisms over the time spent searching to understand genetics, traits and consulting business ops that petri dishes in nature causes of white spots engaged in a petri dish profile conducting group class sermonizes, the creative nature to progeny as a natural selection occur by exposure to chance and relate to reveal by reaction, that the petri dish is a little brown and why, but hey, the actual creation early in a small town? is there one thing that sociology can decide on in a town meeting, the corruptive insight to see our youth long in due process, to do what eve body else does in the acting moves of singing there way to the steps of a big tv in a face close up, or front page news print of kids or adults gone bad, cause they didn’t make the card, reminds me of a cheap camera lens made to sell the pixel close ups, my god what next will we buy? any ways, you can read it in the funny pixel papers when the trees run out, and or when the mineral salts run out for the batteries we need to mine in other parts of the world to feed the minds of new money on the block, it gets better trust me.

“ALIEN BACTERIA” III true story ss diplomate


The ss diplomate was made by me, a word to go by in creating a human logic of communicating to each other by extending creativity, productivity and supporting humanaity as a species to sustain its chain.

When Alien abduction occur, they happen for a reason including chance related dertiminations in the solar systems natural sections to evolution by decay of of all structred solids after the cool down of each big banf theory.

I will make my own way out the planet, do you think I would stick around to get taxed to death so some eles cold to compete each other out to cry pretty or better than the cells inherited form the same pool of biologics in earthly sciences?
Not a chance.

What I have done for the human being is early and never shall be a profiting enterprize to one group alone.

For Seven Billion people screaming to message there own kind has some sort of dream to attain while they exist, seems to me a simple logic gone mad by media alone trying somthing better for there own line of sheeps clothing to enter a new galactic area of primal choice to take over and make new branches of life to call there own, with out democratic hands either, its not pretty by force.

Any ways, the alien ship that every one has access too, and can be made out of tin can soup if they are apptitude enough to take the time to understand there reasons on erath oher than exterminating there own full fillments aquired by there own learned behaviors.
these our the questions that had been wanting to be asked for so long.

Does history repaet it’s self? We ask in what formulation to predictability to predetermine the nature of how natural causes to begin selection of how behaviral instinct’s to determination of practice?

Can this become hatred to each others existance over the peroid of evilutions buy misinng peices ofd instreuction to basic insticnt.
The course of humanity will evolve to bully each other out of its orbit positions, that have sustained its notability over the cource of evolution.

The matter mat fight to dying last pool, or use every resourse learned to push the reserves in front as a protectant and will eventuall fall.

These are the bio systems of space, the gas structure that becomes contact in our galaxy solar sytems here, the bio levels of smart bactriea holding there own over the new generations extinction may decide the way to see a pass and have the ones in lesser to be heard as how they will help you democratically in commpasionate form after the bacterial from space has choosen the plump, the well maintained and taken them off to a far away celestial kindoms to be used as return as power house of ingunity, so the fisrt born of all smart humanalty should be exterminated to save the planet?

What a story of emotions to see royal blood lines asking a orgamism to see mercy for the globle, how would a bug from space, and from the deep end of it too, find a way to actually talk to frequency tone sclupted to alert, scluopted to show where to feed, sclupted to hear where to hide, and most of all learn how the voice of a human can tell an alien the directions on the next planet tour, that gas is the key componet to the wave of mutations over and over the galactic run, to actually learn how toi sustain its self.

Now how would a space bug do just that? Especially if they have been subjected to billions and billions of light years of travel, and subjected to cyrostatis, heat wakes, and binding protein left overs, subjected to other planets in the early stages of bacterial life, constructing the incorporation to keep no peace, and move on to the next, after consuming every thing to satify every mutation incubation desentized event in every binding bacteria form in its wake and travels through space, by a exploding planet, and exploding plents form opther galaxeys from other soalr systems, this is were contact binding occurs and encountering becomes a process to become, and then on the next cyro wake and heat bloom by another solar mass destruction process in decay and take whats left over, turn it to gas and mass particle content, and yes dark matter too.

Can smarter Alien bacteria solve crime?
Stay tuned how abduction occur and crimes seen on mylar tapes in concrete oxides of iron stones on reflections on energy made in time, like spark made 10 billion years ago whengas was built up to much and a light flash carried a image in frequency form as well as other projectiles to recall human crimes against them selfs.

The ice on the moon was our own, think about it, the only heat bloomed gas pressured hydraspere in the vacicnity, and the exploding planet send water throught the galctic pressured mass in Kelvin temps, and as the scientists say the early universe was hot, well then they just droped and made the scars on the moon as they are today in sight.

“ALIEN BACTERIAL” true story prt II


The devlish part of me is not, the spell check was in error, the flexology to a dead mouse could work more wonders on proff reading the needs of what I need to construct correctly, sorry.

Any ways, the I taken interest in the Oriron’s belt, the peoples interests in alien with extreamly intectual properties.

To our very own here? well we could say we have our own set of bacterial smarts as a human being.

The case is how does it become so when we other creature like images of bacterial shapes in the way gas, pressure and the amount of atomic water, interactions and other heat and cold relgulations decide to create a smart bacteria from the dead end of space?

Can it be done by our own hands and can the bacteria formulate a suvival process on its own?
Can a peice of evolutional bacteria such as other than our own rhelic particle formation to our equation here, can the alien bacteria travel in advanced space ship?

Let me tell you about how abductions can occur over time, the pupose can be limilted to why abduction happen and how they actually happen, where they most commly occur and yes why they seem to take specifics of choice to the alien bacteria’s prefereances.

The time it takes to travel 90 billion light years away, the time it will take to create a natrual selection by a smarter bacteria from the dead end of space, it surly needs to be senstized and desenstized over time, and time again as we know it.

Can this be in the wake of some bactriral nano particle in some galactic area of space approaching a warm front, and natrually become part of the bacterial infestation by warmth of the interactions of chemical gas particles in dark mass matter, the collisions of dwarf stars, the atmoic build up of wondering humidity in pockets that hold solidfied chemical calcifications by burns and reburns and reburns, one after another.

As bacteria needs to be in growth medium to start any kind of equation to formalate a course of a pattern in growth of its self as contact will be part of the hosting accomplices to infest and quantium enter each particle in structure, gas, atomic frozen pure water, and other dead and live electrolyed matter that will engage the needed gropwth to become a speicies from space, and the dead end of of space too.

The size of the bacterial growth is accountable to the environmnemt of its infintiy to expand by the eco-logics of aspatial spacing, the same as salom in a back yard pond would grow.

The bacteria in deep space is much larger.

Why would I find relgion at this point, only to know all chemical structure has a chemical, magnitic tether life saving quantium boyer in any pool, weather the social comminucation between chemistry, the copper reactions of action potenial in contained pools of sulfuric acids, and the savior who we as humans put its actual blood cells of human host to his death, kinda call it crucifyed.

For speices in at the dead end of space having a god of there own origins, and in the atom sizes of there own tree to feed from?

Oh well there could be a very same logic to equation of simular circumstances only that it relates in a chemical equation and a gas inductions to asociation rather than learning the time as our galaxitic cousins did here, to squelch, tone and sclupt a tone and tune to alert and message pain and inform of food, after all were only human.

As we start to wonder how smart a bacteria can become, we must be logically apptitudes in how the universe must be interelated by all processes of some biologically instructed process to decay by its created birth of being formed.

We find particles with bacteria very interesting, especially if they come from a planet of an other origins.

This is why researchers and scientists, and yes even the pope too has some concern that another speices from another point of orgins other than our own shape we became of, seems to not talk about openly by what it is that is needed to understand the natre of and spacifics of each universal partical grown in space, some of cource alnilating each other, taking with what ever what is left over and next on to the next galaxy.

Scientists have asked how could bactrea survive in such kelvin climate zones, with differant tempratures, pressures and the appproximate of distances of gas, building blocks viral causes over the travel times that desenstize, cyrostatis, and the partial death and survival tactics an organisms can become in the galactics haloschene changes in the deep end of space.

So what have we as humans would become if we had the same intellectual properties of a smart alien pathogen of a space species?
Do you honestly think we would be a computer processing gene pool with familiy members owning feeding stocks?

What would you think the human population would be like if we as humans did not clean and tap out the gas cores in the earth here?

As blunt as i can say, we would not be any thing like we our in up right positions.
Why? logically the cystallography in hydrogen and gas and the time it has taken to formulate our shape by tapping the gas to to be used as energy.

We would democratically avoid early in time that gas was not good for our chain, but ecologically planning what we could use the gas structure for is a human organisms advanced leap for man kind to sustain its self not be a subjected change in the haloscene by not tapping into it.

Now for the alien particle, for the particle that binds nitrogen, and has been in a gas form with atomic hydrogen, along side with magnetic radiation causing the heat blooms to grow new bactrial growths from survivng bactrials stages of dead planets that once held life to a not so smart bactria, for if they did take the time to use the harmful gas structures instread of there needs to feed and flourish on the abundances of there own solar systems that have had the equation to develop a stage of growth, just a little bit larger, a little bit smaller and a little bit differant in the pressure, and the heat as well, but still had the time evolutinize its stage to grow in its wake of mediums.

The question is the galactic bacteria has not learned how to ask questions, other than relate to chemical equations of polarity and other other mafmnetic fields of caues to there own demise of destructive forces on there own kind as well, we do the same in our own solar system as human beings, the cousins to galactic bactirea other than a scholl room text and news room show.

So when a planet’s solar system explodes to bits and peices, ever wonder what ever had lived there, weather it had gas, weather ithe plaent had water and bacteria or even large mass molecuale mass clung toghter for dear life as structures be4have in this way to save it self from exinction.

we wonder if we can become fear full of this understanding of the space environemts other than what we as the human chain had been taught and or subjected too.

To take this a level up on learning more how bacteria is present in mediums that can be subjected to susrvive by desenstizing the amount of time traveling through and becoming part of, and contining on as travelling by propulsions of the after math of a planet that the wake of the travelling through other many galaqctic tragies and exploding planets that hold the bio- time of encountering and contact with other relating circumstances over and over again, in space, these kind of contact processes, as traveling and bouncing back and fourth off of the magnetic heliopsheres in some soalr belts still present in other multi universes that still hold a vast variaty of plaents to hold life, and hold lifes bactreia end stages in the same equation of decay.

The most of what we accomplished here our galactic cousins have not out smarted us in a sense to become technologicaly advanced to take over our way of function, is relativity to early and is not logically matched to the human organisms in this area of our solar system.

Meaning that the all the bactrreia from the npalents end cycle in time, means that they had not aquired to tap into there gas cores fast enough to learn how to keep there same origins of speices alive for a indefinate peroid of time as we fdid here by tapping into gas.
There planet exploded with only a desentitizeing smart dominating speices last on the planets chain group in the galactics of the soalr systems that held life as a bactriea form.

The bacteria formula to watch out for is from planets in the oroin belt closer to many other contacts as the bacteria had been subjected to heat and re wakes and re-occurance to adaptions to other binding bacterial stages of the next wave not yet learned how to maladapt in our way to out smart the in coming bacteria from the Oroin belt.
So stand on guard for thee. lauren 14:15 hundred hours

“ALIEN BACTERIA” true story

2012 had been quite a scare for many folks round the world, to some many stayed pre-occupied with keeping up the normal routine of being a human being a tax grabbing Nation by labour.

Sorry for the sarcasms, god bless your old soul though, any ways, as I was in focus to tell you how Alien bacterial infection was as easy as 1,2, and 3, but for our society to learn how complex the rule to learn whats out there is question of taking sides on belief or just plain old human fantasy made up by an over production of dopamine.

My name is Lauren J.Hendry, I study all creatures that give casual introduction to new laws, physics and even a case or two of hard reality to justices of a bad gene pool or a delicious one, mainly speaking for the alien bacterial side of cravings.

As my age reaches the 50 mark, so does the resting period to reflect on how my life had twisted turning accounts of watching how to socially function in world of constant change, no problem mind you.

That is today mainly speaking stability to reasons I have learned some regulations and rules that seem to be different than years before I was aware even for a 50 ish mature kinda man like me.

Ok, enough of the rambling, today most of our little offsprings can become impatient to wait for such simple things, such as waiting for a TV channel commercial to drag their parents by the behavioral instincts and cry want, want, want untill they decide on how to develop a newer way to achieve the need event they seen on boo tubes as actual survival skill and paid and bought for by a credit card.

Does this have any thing to do with humanity and alien bacteria? You could say in way it really does, but we must take the time to show the missing structures of how a reality hit on a learning group make a big black eye for some, others it makes a suicide packed, and yet again for others they come back with an ice pick, or a donkey penta stick from the green span road ways in the italian alps and throwing the nun off with an american italian made Uzi, seeking revenge of the… after the math?.. well lets not boo tube the causes of profiting from people unfortunate and tragic events people bop n pop about on rave n wave tv app show and pass it around like it was corned beef, you know..pass the eggs n toast will ya, like no conscious on who makes money on their insights to vote freedoms of voting its ok to see tragedy on personal phone for friends to pass around, it’s what humans do today.

The alien thing? I’ll get to the simple sugars, the copper sulfates and the cloning of gold and silver in a few chapters, so read carefully so you’re not missing any thing, ok?

Good, let me take you back in time on how the universe had become, and from my study, if my school of gov is says it’s not true well believe them cause they have the same piece of paper on the wall paid for the same understanding.

The phrase of bacteria, the knowledge of germ war fare, the compromise of extermination by compassionate means of shows, love and the ability to blow things apart, this cause is a main frame to mans simpler forms of guiding on how its gonna be over the elbow room deal if democratically that the key player represents the entire populations instead of one set group, these kind may claim a better way to look at the lesser kind in how human beings conduct them self, they may claim the right to see how babies were a part of alchemists in the way go back in time to remain in the movies and stay at a sweet sixteen for an intercity.

The issues are as they create them self by groups alone, in packs and in the drones they become to be indifferent, that justifying how the same function is only identified, not different, sorry i get paid in an investment of blood, one could suggest, and the babies? Well they hold the virgin blood not fully developed as an adult has, so the cells are small, and the alchemist to see pundit squaring, harems of 1 in 4 to see oocytes more than the first wife, and so on. Call it the vampire stages of paid surgeons of the old order with secrets that should have never been opened, what a crash course on proclaiming professionalism on creaming a baby for it blood, me devil, ya? no? I think so.

I was almost killed by a falling meteorite, actually a small one, then a couple of more fell, to my surprise, they were warm cause the rain was fresh and what held me to account the very last days of my life that evening, if I had not stopped to light a cigarette, and on my way to the shed to fix a small motor.

Any ways you see the full story on my exploits to death on that very night by a falling meteorite on word press, yahoo comments, the free press comments, the my space account, and some other word related story sites that i entered the day I nearly been put to death by that falling rock.

As I said once, and again, I had the attraction to sniff this rock, the sulfur had a sense of mouth-watering incentive to its strange warm findings from who knows ware.
And I did, a great big sniff too.

Yes i took sick, very sick, I lost weight, no appetite, no room for any thing else but to get a job or task related physical conduct done and completed, the very same the next day.

My doctor asked me too, was I taking my medication on time, did i have cancer, I said no to cancer, and yes to the meds, why would I not I asked him.

As I continued to estrange my productivity to become extremely sensitive to outside things that do not happen very often, usually the cable networks need to make money so they jam up a few career minded video enthusiast and direct there shows for a line on tier paid subscription call, seems to orchestrated to be other than true, well for me any ways.

So i continued to undertake what man was originally supposed to do as he was born onto the earth for a purpose, as we all know it was not the Queen’s or the presidents call on human work horse for a printed portrait of ones self to pass around for gains at the costs of human muscle, hasn’t changed either, just wages, oh yes and special things too for the ones who know it all too.

As i developed to suddenly know parts of the universe, and the time it takes to understand the chemical equations behind them all, was not an easy task to satisfy the brains cognitive issues over everyday norms of work, pay bills, and lay your self to rest as the rest of humanity had learned this venturous practice to ritual up a money mountain on people deaths yet, funny eh?
Any ways, as bacterial infections were not known to why I took sick, it was not eating properly as well, but that had been part of my metabolisms to begin in the first place.

So i took my rocks, kept them safe, and then buried them with plants, damn, things, the plant grew 5 feet tall before mid summer had become just out of spring, they died early too, but had a fruitful of vegetation.

So naturally I ate them, why waste? its known to leave nothing behind, and if do not know how to plant the next crop of produce, we move on to the next set already in full bloom, how easy in a bacterial phase to be stuck in an uneducated back in time, older than our solar system, why would one not plant and plan for a harvest? would bacteria not do the same?

As I thought more of it, bacteria can family plan can they not? I wondered this for a while and studied the time frame on the earth, our solar system, the Cygnus, area, the genii troy and Pollux magnitude stars as well, I went as far to see multi-universe theories and bought that concept with no problem, and I stick by it today.

Before I will tell why I believe in the multi-universe system and chemical formations of our stars around us, I have to admit a few reasons to why I would swallow the social concept of not believing the theories that plagued some, but as we kn ow some one always has to see others work to develop a way of either being recognized and or justified how only one can come to understanding it, let alone try sharing it, and for what odd reason why would no one understand the simplicity of the earth, the Sun we revolve around, and our universe, yes just ours, for it known as I see it the milky way, the Orion’s belt would not be older han ours if not a multi verse in how far the shape and size of the actual expand and or the time needed to become part of the expanding universes.

Trust me we should all know this. There is good reason too, and it should not be taxed to know either.
My lord.
Any ways, as we take a tour in going back in time, the chemical in raw particles, the Sun’s magnitude radiating quantum shifts of returning images only silver and the millibars of time in specific chemical chain to make silver alone in planet most abundant in is earth. How does a mirror image happen to plain its shape and reflection of a chemical equation with out reflective material in place?


Ever wonder how electronic devices can make or break an individuals original formulation to instruct basic equations to naturally socialize in face to face contributions conducting social environment basics that are behind the personal computer screen, and plagued today by concepts made to early warning signs that relate to a motor psychosocial interruption to early child hood progeny in specifics of demographically exchanges in either under deloped areas, or a semi introduction to early developments involving electronic devices replacing natural stimulus that replaces the chemicals normally common social skills can be mimicked by electronic advice to social responses and the basic responses to involve basic equations and natural calculations using processors as replacements to basic processing calculations using the brain?

Ever really wonder how a pancreas functions to produce enzymes and the villi to break down sugars to produce insulin?

The basic to insulin making secretions? The basic electronic socializing event of the century?

The basic formulation to ancestry of progeny and phenotype? Also using pundit squaring to artificial insemination in demographical insurance tables and calculators using the mortality chart?

The basics to a refined sugar, the simple sugar as once but now is protein stock introduced by sugar cane, instead of sugar beets.

Oh well.

The diabetic commonality to insulin producing loss is due to inheritance? Diet and inheritance? or both? Or maybe the enzyme is now depleted to become part of the internal genetic DNA chromosome that has the auto immune to in script its chain to allow disorders to function in this fashion?
maybe so.
How does over processed sugar products in a lets say an example to a toddler who has a pancreatic limitation to in script the pancreas to formulate the insulin when other organs have yet not matured to support secretions of insulin making enzymes were it takes other solids, in products, such as fluorine, copper sulfides, biotin and other essentials in mineral usually adults or pre-adolences can conduct the chemical formulation to allow the break down and storage chemicals to completely metabolize the intake of additional processed products of the consumers editable products we give toddlers or children? Can the pancreas of a toddler break down and secrete the necessary insulin metabolites ion a complete form to a sugar processed in high concentrations today?