Ever wonder how electronic devices can make or break an individuals original formulation to instruct basic equations to naturally socialize in face to face contributions conducting social environment basics that are behind the personal computer screen, and plagued today by concepts made to early warning signs that relate to a motor psychosocial interruption to early child hood progeny in specifics of demographically exchanges in either under deloped areas, or a semi introduction to early developments involving electronic devices replacing natural stimulus that replaces the chemicals normally common social skills can be mimicked by electronic advice to social responses and the basic responses to involve basic equations and natural calculations using processors as replacements to basic processing calculations using the brain?

Ever really wonder how a pancreas functions to produce enzymes and the villi to break down sugars to produce insulin?

The basic to insulin making secretions? The basic electronic socializing event of the century?

The basic formulation to ancestry of progeny and phenotype? Also using pundit squaring to artificial insemination in demographical insurance tables and calculators using the mortality chart?

The basics to a refined sugar, the simple sugar as once but now is protein stock introduced by sugar cane, instead of sugar beets.

Oh well.

The diabetic commonality to insulin producing loss is due to inheritance? Diet and inheritance? or both? Or maybe the enzyme is now depleted to become part of the internal genetic DNA chromosome that has the auto immune to in script its chain to allow disorders to function in this fashion?
maybe so.
How does over processed sugar products in a lets say an example to a toddler who has a pancreatic limitation to in script the pancreas to formulate the insulin when other organs have yet not matured to support secretions of insulin making enzymes were it takes other solids, in products, such as fluorine, copper sulfides, biotin and other essentials in mineral usually adults or pre-adolences can conduct the chemical formulation to allow the break down and storage chemicals to completely metabolize the intake of additional processed products of the consumers editable products we give toddlers or children? Can the pancreas of a toddler break down and secrete the necessary insulin metabolites ion a complete form to a sugar processed in high concentrations today?



  1. The National defense in using the survalance projects is not new the wording on this header should read “Electronic Particle Imaging tracer transfers.
    geeze lauren your imaging in infared particle waves leaving tracers of current that record interuption times by being present. whats next?

  2. To the provi world;
    The organs that give detail to growth in studies, labs and other mediums related specifically to organgenesis, the hydrogen polymerized set of hydrogen bonds concerning each genetic cDNA is a mapping the historical rh factor groups, and the demographical other blood groups to induce proper blood matching, glucose and exchanges of particles to polymerise in micro and macro exchanges that break down plastic cellular ploymerization in making plastic bodily hydrogen hydro carbon from glucose cellular red and white cell formations with colbolt, calambain pheromone hormone in juvinile hormone formations, thus anti bodies will give the dirty old man trick, and the dirty old woman trick to help repair old damaged liver tissues. Laure Hendry today

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