“ALIEN BACTERIA” III true story ss diplomate


The ss diplomate was made by me, a word to go by in creating a human logic of communicating to each other by extending creativity, productivity and supporting humanaity as a species to sustain its chain.

When Alien abduction occur, they happen for a reason including chance related dertiminations in the solar systems natural sections to evolution by decay of of all structred solids after the cool down of each big banf theory.

I will make my own way out the planet, do you think I would stick around to get taxed to death so some eles cold to compete each other out to cry pretty or better than the cells inherited form the same pool of biologics in earthly sciences?
Not a chance.

What I have done for the human being is early and never shall be a profiting enterprize to one group alone.

For Seven Billion people screaming to message there own kind has some sort of dream to attain while they exist, seems to me a simple logic gone mad by media alone trying somthing better for there own line of sheeps clothing to enter a new galactic area of primal choice to take over and make new branches of life to call there own, with out democratic hands either, its not pretty by force.

Any ways, the alien ship that every one has access too, and can be made out of tin can soup if they are apptitude enough to take the time to understand there reasons on erath oher than exterminating there own full fillments aquired by there own learned behaviors.
these our the questions that had been wanting to be asked for so long.

Does history repaet it’s self? We ask in what formulation to predictability to predetermine the nature of how natural causes to begin selection of how behaviral instinct’s to determination of practice?

Can this become hatred to each others existance over the peroid of evilutions buy misinng peices ofd instreuction to basic insticnt.
The course of humanity will evolve to bully each other out of its orbit positions, that have sustained its notability over the cource of evolution.

The matter mat fight to dying last pool, or use every resourse learned to push the reserves in front as a protectant and will eventuall fall.

These are the bio systems of space, the gas structure that becomes contact in our galaxy solar sytems here, the bio levels of smart bactriea holding there own over the new generations extinction may decide the way to see a pass and have the ones in lesser to be heard as how they will help you democratically in commpasionate form after the bacterial from space has choosen the plump, the well maintained and taken them off to a far away celestial kindoms to be used as return as power house of ingunity, so the fisrt born of all smart humanalty should be exterminated to save the planet?

What a story of emotions to see royal blood lines asking a orgamism to see mercy for the globle, how would a bug from space, and from the deep end of it too, find a way to actually talk to frequency tone sclupted to alert, scluopted to show where to feed, sclupted to hear where to hide, and most of all learn how the voice of a human can tell an alien the directions on the next planet tour, that gas is the key componet to the wave of mutations over and over the galactic run, to actually learn how toi sustain its self.

Now how would a space bug do just that? Especially if they have been subjected to billions and billions of light years of travel, and subjected to cyrostatis, heat wakes, and binding protein left overs, subjected to other planets in the early stages of bacterial life, constructing the incorporation to keep no peace, and move on to the next, after consuming every thing to satify every mutation incubation desentized event in every binding bacteria form in its wake and travels through space, by a exploding planet, and exploding plents form opther galaxeys from other soalr systems, this is were contact binding occurs and encountering becomes a process to become, and then on the next cyro wake and heat bloom by another solar mass destruction process in decay and take whats left over, turn it to gas and mass particle content, and yes dark matter too.

Can smarter Alien bacteria solve crime?
Stay tuned how abduction occur and crimes seen on mylar tapes in concrete oxides of iron stones on reflections on energy made in time, like spark made 10 billion years ago whengas was built up to much and a light flash carried a image in frequency form as well as other projectiles to recall human crimes against them selfs.

The ice on the moon was our own, think about it, the only heat bloomed gas pressured hydraspere in the vacicnity, and the exploding planet send water throught the galctic pressured mass in Kelvin temps, and as the scientists say the early universe was hot, well then they just droped and made the scars on the moon as they are today in sight.


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