“ALIEN BACTERIA” true story

2012 had been quite a scare for many folks round the world, to some many stayed pre-occupied with keeping up the normal routine of being a human being a tax grabbing Nation by labour.

Sorry for the sarcasms, god bless your old soul though, any ways, as I was in focus to tell you how Alien bacterial infection was as easy as 1,2, and 3, but for our society to learn how complex the rule to learn whats out there is question of taking sides on belief or just plain old human fantasy made up by an over production of dopamine.

My name is Lauren J.Hendry, I study all creatures that give casual introduction to new laws, physics and even a case or two of hard reality to justices of a bad gene pool or a delicious one, mainly speaking for the alien bacterial side of cravings.

As my age reaches the 50 mark, so does the resting period to reflect on how my life had twisted turning accounts of watching how to socially function in world of constant change, no problem mind you.

That is today mainly speaking stability to reasons I have learned some regulations and rules that seem to be different than years before I was aware even for a 50 ish mature kinda man like me.

Ok, enough of the rambling, today most of our little offsprings can become impatient to wait for such simple things, such as waiting for a TV channel commercial to drag their parents by the behavioral instincts and cry want, want, want untill they decide on how to develop a newer way to achieve the need event they seen on boo tubes as actual survival skill and paid and bought for by a credit card.

Does this have any thing to do with humanity and alien bacteria? You could say in way it really does, but we must take the time to show the missing structures of how a reality hit on a learning group make a big black eye for some, others it makes a suicide packed, and yet again for others they come back with an ice pick, or a donkey penta stick from the green span road ways in the italian alps and throwing the nun off with an american italian made Uzi, seeking revenge of the… after the math?.. well lets not boo tube the causes of profiting from people unfortunate and tragic events people bop n pop about on rave n wave tv app show and pass it around like it was corned beef, you know..pass the eggs n toast will ya, like no conscious on who makes money on their insights to vote freedoms of voting its ok to see tragedy on personal phone for friends to pass around, it’s what humans do today.

The alien thing? I’ll get to the simple sugars, the copper sulfates and the cloning of gold and silver in a few chapters, so read carefully so you’re not missing any thing, ok?

Good, let me take you back in time on how the universe had become, and from my study, if my school of gov is says it’s not true well believe them cause they have the same piece of paper on the wall paid for the same understanding.

The phrase of bacteria, the knowledge of germ war fare, the compromise of extermination by compassionate means of shows, love and the ability to blow things apart, this cause is a main frame to mans simpler forms of guiding on how its gonna be over the elbow room deal if democratically that the key player represents the entire populations instead of one set group, these kind may claim a better way to look at the lesser kind in how human beings conduct them self, they may claim the right to see how babies were a part of alchemists in the way go back in time to remain in the movies and stay at a sweet sixteen for an intercity.

The issues are as they create them self by groups alone, in packs and in the drones they become to be indifferent, that justifying how the same function is only identified, not different, sorry i get paid in an investment of blood, one could suggest, and the babies? Well they hold the virgin blood not fully developed as an adult has, so the cells are small, and the alchemist to see pundit squaring, harems of 1 in 4 to see oocytes more than the first wife, and so on. Call it the vampire stages of paid surgeons of the old order with secrets that should have never been opened, what a crash course on proclaiming professionalism on creaming a baby for it blood, me devil, ya? no? I think so.

I was almost killed by a falling meteorite, actually a small one, then a couple of more fell, to my surprise, they were warm cause the rain was fresh and what held me to account the very last days of my life that evening, if I had not stopped to light a cigarette, and on my way to the shed to fix a small motor.

Any ways you see the full story on my exploits to death on that very night by a falling meteorite on word press, yahoo comments, the free press comments, the my space account, and some other word related story sites that i entered the day I nearly been put to death by that falling rock.

As I said once, and again, I had the attraction to sniff this rock, the sulfur had a sense of mouth-watering incentive to its strange warm findings from who knows ware.
And I did, a great big sniff too.

Yes i took sick, very sick, I lost weight, no appetite, no room for any thing else but to get a job or task related physical conduct done and completed, the very same the next day.

My doctor asked me too, was I taking my medication on time, did i have cancer, I said no to cancer, and yes to the meds, why would I not I asked him.

As I continued to estrange my productivity to become extremely sensitive to outside things that do not happen very often, usually the cable networks need to make money so they jam up a few career minded video enthusiast and direct there shows for a line on tier paid subscription call, seems to orchestrated to be other than true, well for me any ways.

So i continued to undertake what man was originally supposed to do as he was born onto the earth for a purpose, as we all know it was not the Queen’s or the presidents call on human work horse for a printed portrait of ones self to pass around for gains at the costs of human muscle, hasn’t changed either, just wages, oh yes and special things too for the ones who know it all too.

As i developed to suddenly know parts of the universe, and the time it takes to understand the chemical equations behind them all, was not an easy task to satisfy the brains cognitive issues over everyday norms of work, pay bills, and lay your self to rest as the rest of humanity had learned this venturous practice to ritual up a money mountain on people deaths yet, funny eh?
Any ways, as bacterial infections were not known to why I took sick, it was not eating properly as well, but that had been part of my metabolisms to begin in the first place.

So i took my rocks, kept them safe, and then buried them with plants, damn, things, the plant grew 5 feet tall before mid summer had become just out of spring, they died early too, but had a fruitful of vegetation.

So naturally I ate them, why waste? its known to leave nothing behind, and if do not know how to plant the next crop of produce, we move on to the next set already in full bloom, how easy in a bacterial phase to be stuck in an uneducated back in time, older than our solar system, why would one not plant and plan for a harvest? would bacteria not do the same?

As I thought more of it, bacteria can family plan can they not? I wondered this for a while and studied the time frame on the earth, our solar system, the Cygnus, area, the genii troy and Pollux magnitude stars as well, I went as far to see multi-universe theories and bought that concept with no problem, and I stick by it today.

Before I will tell why I believe in the multi-universe system and chemical formations of our stars around us, I have to admit a few reasons to why I would swallow the social concept of not believing the theories that plagued some, but as we kn ow some one always has to see others work to develop a way of either being recognized and or justified how only one can come to understanding it, let alone try sharing it, and for what odd reason why would no one understand the simplicity of the earth, the Sun we revolve around, and our universe, yes just ours, for it known as I see it the milky way, the Orion’s belt would not be older han ours if not a multi verse in how far the shape and size of the actual expand and or the time needed to become part of the expanding universes.

Trust me we should all know this. There is good reason too, and it should not be taxed to know either.
My lord.
Any ways, as we take a tour in going back in time, the chemical in raw particles, the Sun’s magnitude radiating quantum shifts of returning images only silver and the millibars of time in specific chemical chain to make silver alone in planet most abundant in is earth. How does a mirror image happen to plain its shape and reflection of a chemical equation with out reflective material in place?


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