“ALIEN BACTERIAL” true story prt II


The devlish part of me is not, the spell check was in error, the flexology to a dead mouse could work more wonders on proff reading the needs of what I need to construct correctly, sorry.

Any ways, the I taken interest in the Oriron’s belt, the peoples interests in alien with extreamly intectual properties.

To our very own here? well we could say we have our own set of bacterial smarts as a human being.

The case is how does it become so when we other creature like images of bacterial shapes in the way gas, pressure and the amount of atomic water, interactions and other heat and cold relgulations decide to create a smart bacteria from the dead end of space?

Can it be done by our own hands and can the bacteria formulate a suvival process on its own?
Can a peice of evolutional bacteria such as other than our own rhelic particle formation to our equation here, can the alien bacteria travel in advanced space ship?

Let me tell you about how abductions can occur over time, the pupose can be limilted to why abduction happen and how they actually happen, where they most commly occur and yes why they seem to take specifics of choice to the alien bacteria’s prefereances.

The time it takes to travel 90 billion light years away, the time it will take to create a natrual selection by a smarter bacteria from the dead end of space, it surly needs to be senstized and desenstized over time, and time again as we know it.

Can this be in the wake of some bactriral nano particle in some galactic area of space approaching a warm front, and natrually become part of the bacterial infestation by warmth of the interactions of chemical gas particles in dark mass matter, the collisions of dwarf stars, the atmoic build up of wondering humidity in pockets that hold solidfied chemical calcifications by burns and reburns and reburns, one after another.

As bacteria needs to be in growth medium to start any kind of equation to formalate a course of a pattern in growth of its self as contact will be part of the hosting accomplices to infest and quantium enter each particle in structure, gas, atomic frozen pure water, and other dead and live electrolyed matter that will engage the needed gropwth to become a speicies from space, and the dead end of of space too.

The size of the bacterial growth is accountable to the environmnemt of its infintiy to expand by the eco-logics of aspatial spacing, the same as salom in a back yard pond would grow.

The bacteria in deep space is much larger.

Why would I find relgion at this point, only to know all chemical structure has a chemical, magnitic tether life saving quantium boyer in any pool, weather the social comminucation between chemistry, the copper reactions of action potenial in contained pools of sulfuric acids, and the savior who we as humans put its actual blood cells of human host to his death, kinda call it crucifyed.

For speices in at the dead end of space having a god of there own origins, and in the atom sizes of there own tree to feed from?

Oh well there could be a very same logic to equation of simular circumstances only that it relates in a chemical equation and a gas inductions to asociation rather than learning the time as our galaxitic cousins did here, to squelch, tone and sclupt a tone and tune to alert and message pain and inform of food, after all were only human.

As we start to wonder how smart a bacteria can become, we must be logically apptitudes in how the universe must be interelated by all processes of some biologically instructed process to decay by its created birth of being formed.

We find particles with bacteria very interesting, especially if they come from a planet of an other origins.

This is why researchers and scientists, and yes even the pope too has some concern that another speices from another point of orgins other than our own shape we became of, seems to not talk about openly by what it is that is needed to understand the natre of and spacifics of each universal partical grown in space, some of cource alnilating each other, taking with what ever what is left over and next on to the next galaxy.

Scientists have asked how could bactrea survive in such kelvin climate zones, with differant tempratures, pressures and the appproximate of distances of gas, building blocks viral causes over the travel times that desenstize, cyrostatis, and the partial death and survival tactics an organisms can become in the galactics haloschene changes in the deep end of space.

So what have we as humans would become if we had the same intellectual properties of a smart alien pathogen of a space species?
Do you honestly think we would be a computer processing gene pool with familiy members owning feeding stocks?

What would you think the human population would be like if we as humans did not clean and tap out the gas cores in the earth here?

As blunt as i can say, we would not be any thing like we our in up right positions.
Why? logically the cystallography in hydrogen and gas and the time it has taken to formulate our shape by tapping the gas to to be used as energy.

We would democratically avoid early in time that gas was not good for our chain, but ecologically planning what we could use the gas structure for is a human organisms advanced leap for man kind to sustain its self not be a subjected change in the haloscene by not tapping into it.

Now for the alien particle, for the particle that binds nitrogen, and has been in a gas form with atomic hydrogen, along side with magnetic radiation causing the heat blooms to grow new bactrial growths from survivng bactrials stages of dead planets that once held life to a not so smart bactria, for if they did take the time to use the harmful gas structures instread of there needs to feed and flourish on the abundances of there own solar systems that have had the equation to develop a stage of growth, just a little bit larger, a little bit smaller and a little bit differant in the pressure, and the heat as well, but still had the time evolutinize its stage to grow in its wake of mediums.

The question is the galactic bacteria has not learned how to ask questions, other than relate to chemical equations of polarity and other other mafmnetic fields of caues to there own demise of destructive forces on there own kind as well, we do the same in our own solar system as human beings, the cousins to galactic bactirea other than a scholl room text and news room show.

So when a planet’s solar system explodes to bits and peices, ever wonder what ever had lived there, weather it had gas, weather ithe plaent had water and bacteria or even large mass molecuale mass clung toghter for dear life as structures be4have in this way to save it self from exinction.

we wonder if we can become fear full of this understanding of the space environemts other than what we as the human chain had been taught and or subjected too.

To take this a level up on learning more how bacteria is present in mediums that can be subjected to susrvive by desenstizing the amount of time traveling through and becoming part of, and contining on as travelling by propulsions of the after math of a planet that the wake of the travelling through other many galaqctic tragies and exploding planets that hold the bio- time of encountering and contact with other relating circumstances over and over again, in space, these kind of contact processes, as traveling and bouncing back and fourth off of the magnetic heliopsheres in some soalr belts still present in other multi universes that still hold a vast variaty of plaents to hold life, and hold lifes bactreia end stages in the same equation of decay.

The most of what we accomplished here our galactic cousins have not out smarted us in a sense to become technologicaly advanced to take over our way of function, is relativity to early and is not logically matched to the human organisms in this area of our solar system.

Meaning that the all the bactrreia from the npalents end cycle in time, means that they had not aquired to tap into there gas cores fast enough to learn how to keep there same origins of speices alive for a indefinate peroid of time as we fdid here by tapping into gas.
There planet exploded with only a desentitizeing smart dominating speices last on the planets chain group in the galactics of the soalr systems that held life as a bactriea form.

The bacteria formula to watch out for is from planets in the oroin belt closer to many other contacts as the bacteria had been subjected to heat and re wakes and re-occurance to adaptions to other binding bacterial stages of the next wave not yet learned how to maladapt in our way to out smart the in coming bacteria from the Oroin belt.
So stand on guard for thee. lauren 14:15 hundred hours


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