PART 5 of Alien Bacteria.

why does the governments spend a great deal on projects that needs to be sewn up so tight no one ever learns of there actual origins, other than a few genes from a string that had a less axis of power in the hunt for minerals and encountered scary rituals?

Ever wonder that pretending to be a better chain is not good for the environment? Let me take the moment of interrupting a moment of mental asper rations meant for atmospheric spectrometry projects of the environment research, called asper for short.
Is this real or what? says it like it is baby, hey, its fun being colored. any who, me old cousins of the weay we used to hunt chickens, the genetic heart chemicals that awakes on specifics when unthawed in a cyrostasis frozen in time.

Yaz, eets truezed sir, 128 micronz of yearz, a ear to growz, a noze too if yaz want it yaz got it, anyvays iza heers to tallz ya of somzing more truthzy, I haza no intereztzeds in children, see a loney scientistz aza I, learning da machinez 1st den da light and da saltz that can be activated voncz again my mozat friendz, yaz if time in cyrostais waz indee a big secrte why advertise it for our kiddes in small cities to learn write about it on term papers for furute jobs? uh?

Oh za vell, vsay, Spanish vuz hard yuz? we,, goot, letz giv da peoplez vhat dey vant, eh? der it is, a play on minerals become one sir.. ditrium and tritium becoming one, and? can you as a loney scientist clone the glod as you say you can?
Sure what in da helck do think I do all day? sit and watch? do I look forging to you? come, I got cheap gene from a genehood of the sperm back heist, what?

If you know something about that sperm bank heist I expect you to cough up what ever ya know pronto… little loney one.. got it?
geeze crustoo, dontz get zo perzanlal, eh.. it was kinda spizy,
What? spizy? what the helck is wrong with? spizy?

yaz ser, spizy, hic.. oops
Zee, now all my little children in me can fluorsish yaz?
Yaz what ypu psyco with wrong ideas.
vhat? first yaz hir me, now yaz hate me, vhat di itell yaz youz would turn in on your own belifes uh?
Nowza you think I poped out of swiss candy chocolate baox made for a special breed of predertimated lean orders for personal toyz to fart aroiund with? get real crustoo.
it’s inspecter JD crumbs ss. crewstoea you mimicking fool! geeze these hired hands!
vhat happened to mr. krinkles? who in the f… is mr. crinkles? don know? you asked.

any vays you asked about light, not about ..hic.. sperm banks, vich von do ya vant, light or sperm banks? hmmm the salsa in both seem too delicate to intreigue the population by meaning lesser accounts of the homeless, the pyscho anylyuctic play of how I went through to see how fabulous my work was over the competing bargains of death in predertminatoing society as gene trait in phenotyping profiles to causes exhibited to be used for either a gain or a cover up.

so, who got the insurance peterda fishery accountz? you know the ones we as you are assigned too? after planning some get together on predetimined accident charts the world was now at war. thank, thank you very much, cuba lives, well not really its just words. hey by the way I a had a dream the dali lamba walked the core cities inner streets while the gun toting community was saluting him with a no arms trades, now this is true mind you, I do dream of weird things but actual when I woke sir, is was dream, just a dream.

I will bend light for ya layter


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