The investigating factor finding stories behind truth can develop by pretense of casual devotion to dedicate timing to causes of direct inscription associations to being involved.

In simple terms the courts, jury and other casulties to the issues in profiling the peice togethers of global krimes that individuals seem to fall under the belief by ther own incetives of creating side orders of patsy well being with others on there menue.

Here is a story I made up by old stories ina gossip session of the tabloids of awareness invovlments we trend to message the needs of the two involved rather than one.

See i studied the J. F Kennedy affair in how demanding he was in popularity, but as life holds the criss cross fire, the pasty rifle, the pasty bullet and the real custom made rifle in a gun culture, they did say the angency was a gun culture no?

Not to mention the resteraunt after, to many public members in a closed environments, also the exposure to key players as well as the risk of getting caught in the act of assasination.

So, what was the pasty effect realy about investing in technology or historical values concering commerce or as we up see it, i mean I do anyways, the commerce to hold shares, manufacturing stock holders, and the oh well head of the SEC, who is family related to the inductry of manufacturing giants? hmmm oh well.

part 2 next



  1. The world of krime, police, forensics and politics, and the media press to help close a deal forbusiness incentives other than moeny, tax breaks or exclude insurance fruads;
    part two covers involvments of a driver, a cleaning madperson in a hurry, the imagination also covers creating planning to how a kitchen squabble ends up four to metric measurements off the area as started?
    PART 3
    FORENSIC MATH: LASER measurements: the approximate to match aliby as said, the parts ended in a cold power wash pressured to to meet a signal after midnight.. the closeness of a driver and and cleaner?
    The inscription of nice people seeing bad front row actions, like a nurse in cancer ward, the logics of having a killer come over for a family dinner, a medal of honor to see how good man seen a too many tragics, and thus ends the life once served to provide safety as a natural instinct, there is incentive behind theloss of one, either personal or lands, taxes or an afair to embaress one or the other.

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