DATE: 2013


The peoples; General public


Individual rights to public access; prt 1: Freedoms of the charter prt 2

incarciration prt 3 legal litigation concerning well being and sociolgy and awareness counter action re-apose funding and results;

Public court # 1221 fantisay vs. reality prt 4

Public court # 1222 short krime stories, The reality media corps conconduct company, vs. medical issues, propaganda and advertising campain unto child inscription early.

Public docet 1224 early young offenders act in Kanada as it was vs. 13 to 8 years old to act upon responsibility at the publics campain ad docet 177799223 public press, television and court and penal systems with electronic advertising gathering numbered eveidence as a electronic ok need to change. prt 6

The american civil liberties, conduct to independance of free enterprize, taxation applied on there own colonies; vs reserves and aborinals in the North american treaties act 1446 to 1666 to 1776 and 1896 to 1936 to 2006 to 2016 prt 7

The stories you are about to read are a liable cause to lies under the noun “act of truth” “FICTION” AND SOME TRUTH do the math concept.

See why people in unsolved technological advanced sciences cannot still sovle unsovled Krimes. fact or fiction?




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