babolonian king arrested for work slaves

As the roman army came to a gate in rocks with iron and copper works, the shocks we gotten from staic was a clinical curiosity of the king here, not mine though, but as we now know it was the most advance research ever to plunder and use for the empire, called bateeries.

I always wondered why they had vomiting session and puke pits with sulfur and copper ingots in rod shaped feeders were glow bugs become, flying flies glow and worms too, like uh? were was I?

This king knew a lot.
As my army began to search the palance of the king, his advisors were startled, they asked what had happened, did they not like the last batch of human cultures for the roman empire work detail?

Did one fail to produce work?

as my advisor explained to the kings advisor, he expalined the last batch had a defect of order, insanity to belief, they ended up on a uprising to kill some of the guards on post.

they were on there way to my quaters to do me in.
So we want a refund on deformity in peoples mental state, they cant work and expect to not distract others by this mutation.

How so, we spend the money. money? we gave you gold and silver to produce human work forces.
We want a refund.
Ill get my master in charge of the harem, just one monet please it will be a few moments…

See, they mentioned harem, i knew the leader of that chain would have a secerte in his employment.

Find out what harem means, and keep the questions unnoticed so he does not think we want his secertes and throw him to dogs or something like that.

Well my lord, he is on charge of gene faults, so he could be in prison for a long time, and you will still get the secertes either way.

True, how true, what luck to know we stand in power.

Look at that, what? those there they look like scrolls, are they?

yes they are, snatch them for me, what? you mean take them? yes, he wont know.

put them in the pouch, and have our engineers anylize them.

Oh hello king of babolon, it is my pleasure to see you, we have a problem with the batch of work trades they ended up in belief and went insane and killed my gurds.

This makes you responisble for human error.
The work force had to put down and we want a refund, the roman emper wants to have the dam finished by ten years of his regin.

Is the stories to the babolonian empire still in good working order?
yes it is.

We started out to see why the killing of gurds became, they said unto my peoples we awoke. and kept babbling on and on with this quote.

So,rome wants a refund.

Are you for real?

no i am not, other wise the three wise men sporting a club with iron nails you had your workers mine will club you if you don’t.
Do we speak ancient hebrew to your workers in the charge?

As the babolonian king I would advise the return of your gold and silver.

Rome does not want any more trades of workers if a price is matched to compensated for the loss of the families of the gurds the worker kiiled, they demand comepensation caused by the slave belife virus had infected them.
And it was your batch of slaves by a harem master who intensionally infected the slaves to work the roman drat and cause assinations on the emorepr of rome.
Herem? were did you here this?
it was you who mentioned harem before you left.
The harem was a group of woman being breedded by one man in each group.

whats so scientific about that?
Rome wants this project moved to the new head quaters so he can monitor the way workers are breeded out and traded for the irrigation task force.
What?, what will become of my emipre here, i will fall, and i work for another.

I shall be no more king of babolon, what will happen to my freedoms?

Well rome has given you time time to gather up papers enginners to transfer living standards in the new emipre.

As the babolonian king I will need two weeks to gather all my peoples to the news of moving and gathering special stones and other water preperations to continue work in rome.
The babolonian king regins power for five years, ten years and then 20 and 30 years, despising the roman order, the gastly events to follow were of all true.



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