The krime wave, what causes Christ to lose his roots in teachings of the class act followers in progenies, pritans, African americans, irish and ukranian to anglo saxon occult blood typing of how smooth land deals, drug deals, dirty cops n robbers, lucratrive trades in the poeoples alone, can bring almost any one to be bought for hard cold cash, why is a man’s womans and or child’s loyaty bought now a days for hard cold cash? or is it just common to wealth estates as economics of printing green backs for a peacfull nation as a taxation customer rated a tax rate payer.

Even as they assume innocence becomes a walk of life, with out interruption to rules weather riducules or bullies in the office to public safety units as a research team gone wrong, who causes the purposes of training to issue changes in revitalizing masters on the policy to laws on the public exchnages?

What does flooding mean and biz tech gain in a five to ten year dry spell? and ad tv comercials are at the peak of carrer in showing peoples shyness in the early eityies?
Who scouts for talent behind the face of trust? who wants the camera on the spot light every one wants? a stenson hat? a coffee and car 51 to search for the biggest construction company in the world?
Who was behind the church funding to secure lands and purchases? who can give the stars what they need to see there view as a perfect creditable resourse second to none?
Means who has creditble means over others in todays markets? why market peoples shy ness? or insecurity? or unfortunate events? how about marketing peoples races as a real difference to over come each others intellectual forfronts other than there own offspring competing with the camera guys, the construction companies boss at the office and the ring leader to car 51 was a fiction tale to proterct a multi billion dallor project, only one man shut it down, in new order, a story of truth comes out, a long pure geneohood of the past, were being holy never existed in surviving, only liying abd stealing, creating law was to start a voting of influences to contain the little Einstein once feared to hold the secretes of the light, to do what?
this is about social fiction and social calamidty on reality. none of it is true but news paper gueses, to tv news ads campains on lifes subjected to be learened of and aware of by paid funds to follow and addmisister too.


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