The Planet in Cygus 2978890 has uranium salts

When earth mines minerals from other planets, the stones that hold the four triads of crystallography in shape, and design, the uranium must match the human speices hosting anti body making resistances, as for here the human host has not yet developed natural defenses against raw particles from the suns bursting flares.

As it must match 4.3 billion years of evolutional equal Librium to out perform all biologics of the last earths decay cycles in dead matter losing all electron charges, the new generation to hold resistance to the uraium account to resist mutation by quantum and atomic ion colllisions, we only know how lighting becomes a reactive reflective electron diversion in large static planning on the four fold entry of the storming directions particles, once ions hit hydrogen atoms, nitrogen atoms static from the rotaion of the iron and minerals crusts on the revolving world conducting magnetic currents to snap a instant flash of electricle discharges, the silver lining of a cloud? well we do know we can anti magnetic discharge space junk from a space craft today, the merorite on the way to earth? wow the strings to wrap around the moving ten tons of moving speed tonnage rocks snaping the strings in a catch basket over weight at the rings to wrap into it, if the gas magnetic bombardment in frozen friendly space material common to the area, hiting the rock at a rate of ricochaing the planning turn to slow, and angle the rock as it enters our solar bubble band wave, our multi universe we made by our seven points of origins on enrty as well, the binding fall out to particle wondering, constitutes life of ours by other evolutional partiles made already to bind and start over in the containment of anti matter enerting a compressed area of space early in time, there is parts still in virigin mode as ours, so when the atom weights and positioning the right approximate distances, we could can expect the same structures to evoltuionalte the same as ours would on this atomic structures here.


One comment on “The Planet in Cygus 2978890 has uranium salts

  1. uranium salts must be enriched by human hands, as for naturally enriching uranium rocks by time alone? means the universe is not that technologically advancedas we our

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