Aero Dynamics electron particle imaging

Ever wonder how planning to be invisible got the entire population using technology never even heard of in the united kingdoms?
Well the issues behind technology is they lack the forces to render there own tracers leaving behind what is known as Bose Eisenstein wave particles disrupting the audio wave current pendulum circle.

Video spectrum trails detail the wave of light carried by signals in frequencies that too leave a pattern of cleavage in there scanning wakes. Oh well win some lose some.

Offering privacy to many who learn of shielding light particles, pass through wave technologies, infrared scanning and isotope particle carriers, the focus on silver iodides too can plane over the selected area of choices, priming the scanned areas in question, ultrasound waves produce the same 3-D projection only thing in added to the wave carriers, well it is like melting ice, the electron in the melting ice leaves a charged particle acting as a anti-matter effect in its orbiting cycle.


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