As we speak, does cashing in on stories of who can do justified acts of implementing an act of both profiting, weather parties own stocks in the media stake holds or officials mentoring a major change in the way media is cashing in on the legend of ledgers in the crime and punishment critique.

Why would ordinary people buy some one else’s loss? Does the anniversary of faulty services, unprofessional stats, standards and police creating new ways to polish mistakes of the past, actually not so bad in a social change.

I wanted to study criminology with in our gene pools next wave of how we raise our youth in world of these economic guru’s of tomorrow, but how?

How did King leuy have his law in due process become accountable in expanding gene pool for a vote or two? Any ways, the cause of generating a repeat of addressing faulty genes that seem to mystify investigators agitation goat, which make actor media guessing a second career for what? loss of the seven company theory?

Does the entire cabinet own shares in the major stake holds on third generations waiting to buy shares when legal age is proper to purchase shares?

Any ways, there is no problem with the way poor separate and buy there own, I watched a movie influence, trading places, stealing since one crawled?

What makes a theif? genes? stem cells? cell therapy? what? a doggy switched bones with another house pet doing the same thing, each doing what naturally abides in waiting for a moment, you could say the devils advocate was part of learning the bone stealing tricks doggys do.

any ways the doc that got fired over gene and behaviors, he should get a nobel prize instead he encountered a wave of early counter of media and regulations to sociology planning tied to economics in the Canadian goverments setting new tactics to ensure privacy is set to  be abided by Canadians alike, does the government applied to follow as well under there transparency laws as well? its good news.

any ways I am talking about crime, and who really does profit from the topics to news stands and other techno gadets we as a social pool buy and the directors cutty enthuisiuam cashes in on the profiles of the criminal, boo tube addressing the wrongful painting of any one can be a govi going broke due to the federal law of torts, how true.

Is there any reason why I cant work four hours a day at tryiong to become and take a payed course to be a criminologist? or do I study atomic fission and research and hope I may be next in line out of the ten thousand peoples in front of me for a one job post for atomic eneries of our modern employments.

another criminology idea of a boulder Colorado couple cleared of a little media star in world of controversy in her scad out fits, what about the foot steps in the snow, no foot steps? no break in? then some one slept over? check the flight scheduals of who baby sitted baby star in a bid to new contract frenzies? check the timing on schedualed flights in and out of the area days before, where the couple went out that fatful night, surly no prisoners would be lurking on boxing day either, they are cleared.

who? then? the father worked on opaque film lens no? maybe? or did he invent some thing that ment crucial wave in lens technology software and the govi wanted it? how fetched could this be? so here it is again, who had time to write and plan a note? Who checks on new enterprises like Canada does on new ideas gone to some one eles on the secrete window affairs of seeing tech?

So was it some one in the commercial biz? hmm? maybe not, but who was it? probing the military up here in Canada, under ware scenes were not allowed in books for sale, and crime related stories at that fact finding missions of youth never to know they would never have the throne either, only family.

So who again was it?

No foot prints,

flight scheduals four days or week of photo or video rehersals at the castle, or the place of conduct, who was it?

the baby sitter?

was the little star alone? or was some one sleeping over for a day or two, or was some one knowing she would be   alone for a specific time? long enough to say pathologically family memebrs usally fit a preditors profile, even dr. phils has psychology, a close friend or even a neighbor watching the youg ins? any ways there are so many traces of whos dna was to match the find.

The brother was to young, the daddy was out, the mother was out? who was in the guest house out of town, and the guest house was the castle?

So, nail it down to find who can write a twist of fate and planning in timing this, cover up scenario, or maybe we look at as a true invention grab, hawkem razors theory, painting the picture of the most wanted, but was the wrong catch?

my nose smells something different than a easy case and closed shut case.

oh yes, I would like the federal government help me in making my dream come true to become a investigator, a criminologist, and yes work part time for the atomic enery board in Canada, if I could, I would pay for my dreams to come true, but I am disabled,

any ways, this generation says today, here I am in 2022, back to the past, and present to the future, I have two kids, five and nine, one is gay, the other is hetero, at nine he is on a fraternity group, and in 2022, the telelvision commercial ads he posts for free, openly sits in public aring the past, what is my self as a father answeriong a question from a 73 yr old journalist form a 2012 govi and church alliance scam, that rocked the world, but don’t forget I am in 2022, and the 73 yr old asks me on public tv, is your son gay, I said yup, he was. my son did say to an open tv, said yes he was gay, what was wrong with question, it seemed he was angered, I eimdeialty thought it was a his old age creeping in on him, after the show, the police arrested him, I was astonished, he was an activist, he was not allowed to address privacy issed passed in senate both sides of the border, hate crimes were a delt with a aggressive campaign, the old guy opposed of the law, saying his right to verbally bash a nine year old on public tv, and asked why the govi was responiable for enforcing rights of the victims over freedoms of speech, I fell of my chair after his arrest.

yuou know this garb. a stick in the water wanting to work, one day I too can help. remember four hours a day.