probes (axon cutters)

  • ever wonder of how we record life? in mineral terms we our some what not to different in working out cell intrusion. I like to tell the world of all there little secretes, to profit and gain processing tools from seeing all we take in over the life span was not an easy task, especially to view it on a dvr signal.
  • so how does a axon probe a free episode in written word searches of the human title wave to matter, molecules and storage capcities that relate to atoms, molecules and audio lesions we encounter over the human evolution processing.
  • We will catch crime, people wanting [power] people developing secrtes and tools to see how a brain can hold color atoms from a specific shape stain, stored in a axon, yes what was the common environment we take to shape in human twenty year span of gene pools?
  • good, the brain holds shapes collected by the area occupied, is technology now holding pyshcolgically cognitive space recognition lesions giving conduit inscription of attaining recorded audio, light waves, and the changes in the human changes soacilly, how can we see social inscription in the brain? well, that’s were probes, axon cutters come to life, reality has its price as well as fanisty, so equal no one knows the consequence to each others messaging singnals over stimulating each other, causing neural planning break up, loss of elrectron sharing (suicide in a group).
  • can we see evolution in a moment on a dvr sgnal? david who? oh yes cronical wrtting to belief, so how power ful to ones reign?
  • well, they see me, now they don’t, say, I have mr.krinkles coming back on Mormons, witches & lsd. a wacked out father in the mountains, trying to keep peploe transformation to social standards as kiddies become misbehaving, the loss of misbehaved interruption now rests, mary land, ever wonder about the purtians? banned clans become the Spanish commission and then the Spanish mission.
  • so inborn erros were corrected, punnit squares helped, so gene cloning now, twins, father going back in time, so a clone would return, a spitting image of a 47 year  old father, a gene clone whith exact markers to look alike, so this why cloning syntheics was registered, oooh a ghost.
  • so what was scared about parnormal? witches in mary land? or aliens in the east indian trading company? or a king from Romania who went transmania instead? twisted art of wordy worthiness in wrong intent to life here, so how powerful is man, woman and child? probed to be no different in creating belief. this includes nasa taking chances out side the heliosphere. oh well,
  • ok zombies, who was the scientist to sat autolysomes takes place when diyng, so the truth kiddies, I take plasma, and electrons recharging the resveratrol coq enzyme /potassium/calcium charged with ions and alkaloids, and acids to cause action conduit charges, making atp. oh well zombies were real huh, another leap for man here. hey its good to see dead tissues rejuvenated and re-charged.

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