The ghost winner

Tough choice, the winner circles of occupying time in arts, economics and engineering the way human evolution becomes a threat to space its self.

I seen a lot of dreams, and seen a lot of them turned down, for the human endeavor to space, I know one thing for sure, not nasa, nor the any military intelligence can occupy the time conjunctive in sustaining evolution to one species over all contained control outside the solar belt of given crystallography given to the symmetrical electron engineered hydra compression of our soalr systems.

I am now watching face off make up artists, what a story catcher, any ways its about belief in other prosperous mesurements to keep our own history with contaminating mental history forced on alien evolution from were?

The planets can contain some sort of life, for some time, if contaminate the planets eles were, time is recorded by crystallography of functions, means chemical inscription to lifes shapes may speed up the extinction of specific elements once thrived ina area here, so we reach a area to store old atoms from a area destined to fold in and we take a piece of evolution to the planets, knowing the atoms we carry will cause the other alarms of nutrinos to attack the atom bugs we our, and yup even the titanium trinkets will have a helio sphere ending when reached the ends of space, crushed and dived by colliding debries from hard crystals larger than galpos, any ways, no human should be able to live to long, no matter how intelligence the speices may become, they have a time and day to give an area to start over, sorry folks you cant live forever, not even the universe, its law, one speices cannot rule destiny of one meaning leaving the rest that got them to were they are now, now that’s greed. good luck nasa.

The time it takes to have the human body ripped apart to sustain live as we once knew, a spleil berg write made to approach belief we our inferior to all forms we encounter, not so, we have earth metal, and atomic made metal, the life to hold atoms charged particles in vast space of tug n pull, a greedy nuclear gas cloud in spiral sucking the electrons out, sorry not even the enterprize can exscape this black hole from gas and rotating disk formations of molecular evolutions cut short, and every thing encountering the mass structure. oh well every thing has its time, even humans, remember we carry atoms from our sytar, ant coff ups we grow up with, we travel with the youth to venture space, and yes the alarms ring out, the human beings should have made thre travels 1.1 billion years ago, so what now? money, by belief, its commercialized to do so.


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