What was that of natural discovery on the nature of mans brain to do what he has done to look deeper than red ants making formic acid and formeldahyde to restore the simple sugars of the organsims in e-coli, which causes the amino acids to log taxonomy in sequences of mapping the changes to return simple from deadly, ooh boy, ok I am not the only brain in a 3-d virtual social concept to map colored regions of the so called hot spots of the temperal lobes that conduct active learning storages, this all related to lanthium cyrstlls and wi-fi infared signals invisible to the cyro extreame colds causing electricle currents 000000.00001.0101. 0010101 /mv Me volts which cause lesion to map a travel tracer on the ion transfers that cause action potentials, oops am I worthy or not, like heck, I am nor pure in ones eyes, but a savior in others, geeze the past now? yup.. wait…. RD2 cells calling the proteus project of andogen the great, a alexi demtris cure to read codes from disgruntled little cities of citizens from the capture of a new rome over the tribes in old potamoe sazcus canel era’s it gets better with the kings of organge ya know, also the time spent on emperours guard, these are the units of 500 in groups of the magic number 9 per hobo cops with out swords n shields in the srtreets of a changing sociacity, the hobo cop dress was from a news clipper in alberta, when Lysol and Japanese cooking wines were on sale at the cornerstores, not corner stones, but little front stores on the corner, yup hobo cops go in and wave a dirty bill of new money on the block and ask for the latest trends on the shelfs, ooh they did make the peoples shiny, due to oils they produced by Lysol intake, the cooking wine? well that study was sent to another paid market to profit from by issuing a better way to go by buying healthy, with the limitations in the bills they hold, even if the fold is greased as way of internal learning functions to make choices other than surviving and exploiting the entire earth of free grazing on barrons cattle ranges bought by tendered land deals and a bills account if clean up is achieved. did this not happen? I guess so, I don’t know for sure, boss, but heck if its resting times after the war of the machines, heck why not take the alegience uh? money, a home and the best of all, no reminders of being put up in nails by the empire for exulting sensitive office progress of the emperor of rome..ooh it gets better in tarot cards on mars, you should know what humans do…they move on and forget the past, unless the crime bills say statutory laws fit publics best interests to hold law and there fore public can say they hold the federal law of torts to an old law made to benefit the new ones to convixct the ones of the past, family or justifiable genes in the way or not, like hello, whats the matter? butter flys in the gut?

Say, since your in my coach as I asked you be sir Charles, this hidden coach will ask one thing only, as you say unto the rules of all, visit in mind of the less, as it would come to have your kingdom as you would wished for so long sir.. so mind my tounge when we nake Kings, and Queens too for this matter, it is about not ignoring, nor is about looking more important as advertised sir.. the poor in your subjects lands now hurt, they too feel the causes of despair by the spots we pick and choose to enterain by our sole, and grace to know we are vanguarded to ensure some feats of languages to diplay embaressemnt in the ever chanllanging worlds of bettering our own, then as we know take your throne to your hard works… why? cause we all need you to see more in the way we justify a cause to join the places we all would like to one day be part of.. again the past is law n order to liking of continuing commerce your hyness its not about how inteeclect betters the will over each others purposes here or there, sir, but as I bundle the way we see our fore fathers running the policies of each common wealth nations stationed at each post, it has not given time really take your throne from you, never my intension sir, but only to direct you so ensurity is equal to both oppsed and against of what and why countries are built upon by this policy of our guru’s ahead of all dynasties in my seen studies of the past sir.. so I ask a carful look again at the visits to the poor side of towns, visiting the peoples who are sick, visitng industry to ensure there healing is equal to serve as the rest of the subjects in this lands is equal to all, sir it is a reality to ensure your election as King will be met, if not believe in whom we see, then we see not in what you would to believe in our presence of your greatness, so do visit sir Charles, I asked mumsie in the same way as  I coached the words in a wheeled events of papers, tactics as this sir, this is my coach you will ride in sir. its old, as I said, the origins of the past as it was given sir, I did lie at all, this gift you gave all, is the way to say thank you for your family that helped me see laws, orders and a better way to get along, so in  return my poetic justice of coach and carriage is a trip in time, and trip to the future, and time travel is what I like best, and I chose you as the best to ride along as well.

As a alchemy Charles, I learned how to clone the metals too, so I do know a fuss of enterprise needs too, as for stone cutting sir, the walls we make our for you and the families we will appoint to have for along time to come.

Oh yes, the gold cloning and silver cloning, this i’ll never mention to the general public, they may investigate, but may need the hidden specifics involved, and we both know this is not avavilbe to any powers of axis, only to ones that have it hidden. so need not worry.

Good luck on the visit to Winnipeg, and stop by in Selkirk see the peoples in hospitles there as well, see the staff on there great jobs they do, and others around the lands, it would help. thanks Charles, and say hello to mum. Lauren



Ever wonder how Orchids grow? guess the dry soil has some what a strain free specific in the way organism free of dependent microorganism binding to change the structure of the amino acid plant sequences in rare Orchids that die from amino acid changes, with the organisms changing the structure to issue mutations. Ya? goot. 


  I am watching a cable paid program, it is Saturday, April 5th 2014, the show is about forensics’ & scientific technologies to victim casualties, and crime waves on television.

  Educational as part of the awareness funding keeps announcing the needs of all who may see a rating or a show incentive to care for one another.

  Let’s see, there are going to be several interpretations to my lies, truth and madmen don’t tell tales of who see’s who in me watching tv shows like this.

  The 1st step to ads , is one as cause, the story on my agenda is about my Christ tale and history to real science, Country, and the Empire to independence to thirteen colonies free from British rules.

  The case of Christ, his gemology is set to be written about by any one, and any body who allows respectful truth as they use the knowledge of this mans studies, the changes from a form of change names from Hebrew to Jewish.

  The genealogy in pundit squares is just the beginning and I as a human from no clan here, no pride to know one as the better, or what ever they may long for as Abraham and his family who sustained genes to start it all off the written direction of this told tale.

  The uniew, from Russia alps, the Asian origins, to the Arabic and the Polynesians of the past to Anglo-Saxon, the mutations, the mingled of twisted pairs of genes in the Roman empire, the blood mixing, the tv shows who tell tales of the south American pyramids build by the clans who held power in the dynasties before the Jewish people, the Hebrew tribes as they were generic links to the tribes who held Arabic blood lines and Egyptian blood occult relations.

  Can I write about this? yes I can, and I f am challenged, the rights of putting one man in nails for his working relations and blood ties working in the empire, and having roman genes in there mixes, it was again to boo, or scare the old tactic of change by laws and councils who were to hold older Neanderthals of the older tribe still angered to the empires social laws held in law to the remaining tribes and the runs who managed to escape to through the flat earth, the walk on water, the water gate still had a low level flow of water, the gate that will lead to the south American mountains.

  Want to here how genes and laws held to hold accountable to peoples long lived family ties needed by take overs, and the laws held the laws liable for the death of peoples genes by families four thousand years ago, does the family policies who make them up and run by this policy be held liable for the death of one man? or is it council who were to work with known peoples of this tribe? this tribe squabbled over rituals, and laws of an old oder, and practices do not happen in the public market on shopping day, it just does not happen, well at least the council had the task of allowing some religions, and sacrifices before the empire had taken over.

  The hunt for one king and ruler would never end, but the remaining tribe had brought with them the engineers, the agricultures and the pundit squares cleric on birth in the tribes, on to south America.

 So why Then the Spanish? and the old maps that held the water gates that a tribe had made there way across to flee from the empire? Why have the Spanish look for the treasures of the ancient tribes skilled knowledge?

yup, the empire, Christ, and modern Jewish scholars, the west bank, the second world war, the kings, queens and titles, the minerals, oil wells, and the population of peoples displaced by ethnic groups of the post 1st and 2nd world wars, at least leading to see the results of of  what costs it would take to relocate these peoples. So was War the answer? So truth and conciliation groups hired to sum up a morel to second brief flash news belief on tv ads make enough to act up on the way we all see what we see, hear or learn about?

  The next piece to this about crime tv shows, an amplified explosion of advertising the needs of being heard for the sake of others to listen and see it does not happen tp them.

  Our provi guys in politic here in Manitoba had a concern of a radical church making its way into Canada, what was so radical of this church group?

  The group has a reality of influence to the peoples who fall under there common concerns, the church was no different than the ancient tribes of the stone cutters who helped built these structures for the empire, way back, way back Nellie. anyways, the agenda was to enter the Canadian border and to influence the needs of the peoples they need an inspiration, an eye opening to what is stirring commonality to purity in truth one group can have authorise rights to preach life’s tales to others, as this is rights to basic needs of the entire globe, peoples.

  The govi’s refused these peoples, the crime tv events to profit on misery and death, murders and robberies was on the money table for commercial ratings and sponsor ad campaigns, the ads have clout, but if the sports shows have ads of courts and victims appealing in the tve guide ad agenda we get the message to red face the over do it manifesto garb of detailed the messiah or hesakbilea, sorry can’t spell, but dream history as genes would recall to bring up hidden secrets of the past, and not by roman empire Hebrew mixes in the empire, the tribes who had been hunted for the building engineers, the hidden talent skills of this tribe, and the abilities to come back strong, would put pontes pilot out of a job.

Hey it gets better, you know that news articles and hypnosis, the national police, the pinker tons, and the tell tales of the crowns to ensure commerce, the Billy the kid, the Sundance kid, and a bored crowd outside the small towns of the farming communities, the wild west was a change to challenges left out in the historians of policing and history to law research, what was it? The challenges to boredom tht creeps up in the little minds of functioning to be on the same page of functions to none challenges, which never flies to the thirteen colonies.

Now how does the law hold the torts in genes who have executed the innocent to become the way the criminals had become so long ago?

 today, the cover it ads will educate the classes to acknowledge the way of functions to work, pay taxes and marry and inherited what is handed down, and so on.

 the classes who today learn change of function by law, crime and punishments, the liability has the way psychology has been intro duced to the public on training the classes to ensure the life’s details of sociopaths, psychopaths were the back bone of there own teachings from choices given.

  Pinkerton law enforcements, the posses of the hunters and paid, in land, titles and money, this good, today, the social groups learned of the laws to follow, abide and not take advantage of, and thus was the modern profile to accuse the both educations, the crowns empire, the religions and the farm boys need to excitements, left for outside families to reap this night owl wild in the early youth, compared today, the wild in the young has it is replaced by gadgets, entertainment, and a mothers job is never finished, but courts still take the youth into state as the there own, but does the percent of youth become challenged to social changes in there insight to be heard? what cost does it take to have a youth heard?

Does swearing in public tell you who cares, its expression to rights of who began putting English as the chanting cause of cuss, curse and words of profanity that offends, who cares, its expression to rights, then arrest me, the world press on the other side of the globe, sees this as a Dali lamb from a democratic upheaval town, set as a empire run rule, wow, now lets get back to less pinker ton law policy and back to Christ’s stone cutters relationship kin, shall we.


Ads in news papers say no one can write about Christ, the enquirer to a mans is not there own unless they reveal the history they built the stone empires for as the old dynasty, the Hebrew tribes. if claim to this, they must then tell the peoples the truth too, of mixing the roman uniew blood that was roman origins and had banishment from early Hebrew tribes banning there own to the woods as well, the Hebrew must then recognize the south American tribes as direct family genes that the mixing of blood was part of the empire peace, and the tribes there held the mystic being read in higher glyphs to early readings of a man much more powerful than the ones who sit in lines for the thrones they wait for today, and beyond. trust me, this is why a hand full was spared to tell secretes such as this, and have total rights to it, if not the laws fold in on all terms applied to there who owns who by what naturally is learned or passed on, if you own the stone cutting techniques, then  ask the tribes in south America who have artifacts of the past the pictures of the men who will come to hunt for them, and the tribes leaders, knowing the colonies the tribes had the gold and mineral mining specialists  were among the group,

the Spanish learned of the gold treasures, the tribe had taken the engineers with them as well as the pyramids building secrete as well, the forth pyramid is under water.

the safest and ones better to avoid floods, the mountains, were the gotu was. the jaguar of gold and other king tut artifacts relating to the relations of the Arabic empire, the ancient Hebrew, and the tales they betrayed the tribes, now called Jewish cultures, families from the Hebrew ancients tribes, the clan went to south America and built pyramids there, go on challenge me, tell lies of the past and it will come up tell truth far better than scientific dispute, forensics or carbon data, either way the brain holds a key to the past that carries the futures to tell about, it is a far cry to exult office, but a way to say we found a better way to know who we our.

am I missing something? ok lets see, the east Indian trading company, oh yes what about the Anglo-Saxon oil company of the early days, hhmm the rights to this keep getting closer to known by star gating the mind will be a law to separate the classes by the act of psychics and law makers to realty.

princess Diana, a  globe news ad of a Russian respobible for her death, and geeze prez putin is all right, so is the churches down south too, and the Canadian learning independence theory of time & exposure to see genes carrying on inscription habits.

So now what? JFK and Diana both fall in line as Christ’s purposes had been set up out for them as they were? Who says the world is safe? that show nacy grace crime show says it all, here in mb. we advertise the disgust of how unfortunate our criminals look like, and paint pic of would you look like this when you grow up? geeze a advertising biz to push the poor to the back suburbs, not bad, but a football stadium? as a private sect biz?

 now if we ask the supporting tv cable purchers to air crimes, and make gaming tools too, so the law can say they not profit, nor gain, but acting can play a role to buy shares to convince, the need, does actors, playing a role for a tv show, like crime wave crushed dot com, and its all unemployed actors, anchors and shares to these shows were real, and some not, ever wonder? I come across a home made movie on the net, the shows previews actors dressed up as older crime victims, then in another show they were District DA, what next Beverly hills cops.. hmmm lets take pinkerton hired hands on law research, and there trainers shall we?

Ok lets see what killed Kennedy and Diana, does insurance companies noting the armant boards, weapons supplies, which is usually a military outfit owner, and not Russian stocks, or French supporters brining in arms in the back door in the British American war.

can forensic law bring sociology to enter the pre-school early child hood inscription to how people function? lets see if the marvels sovle Diana death and JFK familiar planners to work this case?

So the globe paper news says Russia has the killer, in Russia, and JFK will reveal papers on the navy not made to made public , oops wrong idea, I maen land mines, and on star, gps and some gadets made to radio link frequency change the electric current on brakes and steering wheel mechanisms on the Mercedes benz, well it just don’t add up, the Diana gala the poperastries as imposters  the reroute to a princess in harm? blah hum, a car driver with tunnel visions, the meds he was on, a democratic suppot for the disabled, the ties and old weapon makers of the old needs to take allegeince, or what ever, the stories of the the gps or radio gadet is no different in hirining the the alchemy to learn more ways than one to serve, the gadet is like triangle cell phones tapping into the lines and the relations ships to who industry who ties the importance to who is more important, the works of gun running fromm Russian stock piles, the hard ware were in melt downs, due to peace and usa governed concerns, as well as the Canadians and other countries, like geeze hello who would sell hard ware? get real. Lauren The story is later told on the dynastry who rulled and what was taken from others in power and who make other look good for a price. till next time lauren