What was that of natural discovery on the nature of mans brain to do what he has done to look deeper than red ants making formic acid and formeldahyde to restore the simple sugars of the organsims in e-coli, which causes the amino acids to log taxonomy in sequences of mapping the changes to return simple from deadly, ooh boy, ok I am not the only brain in a 3-d virtual social concept to map colored regions of the so called hot spots of the temperal lobes that conduct active learning storages, this all related to lanthium cyrstlls and wi-fi infared signals invisible to the cyro extreame colds causing electricle currents 000000.00001.0101. 0010101 /mv Me volts which cause lesion to map a travel tracer on the ion transfers that cause action potentials, oops am I worthy or not, like heck, I am nor pure in ones eyes, but a savior in others, geeze the past now? yup.. wait…. RD2 cells calling the proteus project of andogen the great, a alexi demtris cure to read codes from disgruntled little cities of citizens from the capture of a new rome over the tribes in old potamoe sazcus canel era’s it gets better with the kings of organge ya know, also the time spent on emperours guard, these are the units of 500 in groups of the magic number 9 per hobo cops with out swords n shields in the srtreets of a changing sociacity, the hobo cop dress was from a news clipper in alberta, when Lysol and Japanese cooking wines were on sale at the cornerstores, not corner stones, but little front stores on the corner, yup hobo cops go in and wave a dirty bill of new money on the block and ask for the latest trends on the shelfs, ooh they did make the peoples shiny, due to oils they produced by Lysol intake, the cooking wine? well that study was sent to another paid market to profit from by issuing a better way to go by buying healthy, with the limitations in the bills they hold, even if the fold is greased as way of internal learning functions to make choices other than surviving and exploiting the entire earth of free grazing on barrons cattle ranges bought by tendered land deals and a bills account if clean up is achieved. did this not happen? I guess so, I don’t know for sure, boss, but heck if its resting times after the war of the machines, heck why not take the alegience uh? money, a home and the best of all, no reminders of being put up in nails by the empire for exulting sensitive office progress of the emperor of rome..ooh it gets better in tarot cards on mars, you should know what humans do…they move on and forget the past, unless the crime bills say statutory laws fit publics best interests to hold law and there fore public can say they hold the federal law of torts to an old law made to benefit the new ones to convixct the ones of the past, family or justifiable genes in the way or not, like hello, whats the matter? butter flys in the gut?

Say, since your in my coach as I asked you be sir Charles, this hidden coach will ask one thing only, as you say unto the rules of all, visit in mind of the less, as it would come to have your kingdom as you would wished for so long sir.. so mind my tounge when we nake Kings, and Queens too for this matter, it is about not ignoring, nor is about looking more important as advertised sir.. the poor in your subjects lands now hurt, they too feel the causes of despair by the spots we pick and choose to enterain by our sole, and grace to know we are vanguarded to ensure some feats of languages to diplay embaressemnt in the ever chanllanging worlds of bettering our own, then as we know take your throne to your hard works… why? cause we all need you to see more in the way we justify a cause to join the places we all would like to one day be part of.. again the past is law n order to liking of continuing commerce your hyness its not about how inteeclect betters the will over each others purposes here or there, sir, but as I bundle the way we see our fore fathers running the policies of each common wealth nations stationed at each post, it has not given time really take your throne from you, never my intension sir, but only to direct you so ensurity is equal to both oppsed and against of what and why countries are built upon by this policy of our guru’s ahead of all dynasties in my seen studies of the past sir.. so I ask a carful look again at the visits to the poor side of towns, visiting the peoples who are sick, visitng industry to ensure there healing is equal to serve as the rest of the subjects in this lands is equal to all, sir it is a reality to ensure your election as King will be met, if not believe in whom we see, then we see not in what you would to believe in our presence of your greatness, so do visit sir Charles, I asked mumsie in the same way as  I coached the words in a wheeled events of papers, tactics as this sir, this is my coach you will ride in sir. its old, as I said, the origins of the past as it was given sir, I did lie at all, this gift you gave all, is the way to say thank you for your family that helped me see laws, orders and a better way to get along, so in  return my poetic justice of coach and carriage is a trip in time, and trip to the future, and time travel is what I like best, and I chose you as the best to ride along as well.

As a alchemy Charles, I learned how to clone the metals too, so I do know a fuss of enterprise needs too, as for stone cutting sir, the walls we make our for you and the families we will appoint to have for along time to come.

Oh yes, the gold cloning and silver cloning, this i’ll never mention to the general public, they may investigate, but may need the hidden specifics involved, and we both know this is not avavilbe to any powers of axis, only to ones that have it hidden. so need not worry.

Good luck on the visit to Winnipeg, and stop by in Selkirk see the peoples in hospitles there as well, see the staff on there great jobs they do, and others around the lands, it would help. thanks Charles, and say hello to mum. Lauren


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