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  To me there is nothing better to shape life out of changes in a peroid of decay as we discover the points of all magnetic lines, mineral salts and so on, like hello, there is a time to contaminate, invade and luster to rule in all specifics to time, and of course there is a biologic clock on all things, so soak every thing up while we can?

Learn on paid tv? or paid to go to school? what is the tax debate differance? direct access to more insights of cluter in a virtual brain tour to know what to expect in a pool, well then changes seem to not ever happen, why? ask the atomic theroy on heat applications and cold compressed enviroenments inhabiting the worlds beyond us.

Any ways I am hearing a process of the universe as well, my theroy investogation to life elese were puts bugs that shape into somthing we always knew about or does intellecule life contain evolution to hold behaving patterns of habits in what we seem to evolve past all the changes of decay in bio evolution by just sitting here watching the world conduct a keep up to the times events on paid cable tv.

Well its not bad for modern scientists to ensure what we actually know more about than anticipated. Here is a expression example of it, we write things for free, the concept to snatch it up later for future use by other organisms that will ultimaty gain in some what a formulation called economics, again me and notrodomus were related and tight, as freinds on theroy, weather one thinks not or other.

Man changes life weather he contaminates to keeps his species in check, or the pick and choose event by recognition, alomst like nationalism or many coats of colors and sewing machines to see it all happen.

again we look at the universe unscripted, it renders the actions of all peoples trying to answer what they never really had visted, this process is carbon 11, carbon 14 carbon21 and carbon data tracing.

If we carbon trace magnetic fields to assume life is computer related to amino acid cellular communication events in signaling to electron actitvty we assume we operate the same way to look, feel construct and assume to contyer react the event man will make belief.


good luck galio