Hero’s Joker’s & Commerce

It take years to see another work benefit for hire and profit for public, commercial and interpreter uses. It gets easier for free witted penmanship to flow out of the mind.

So why does a professional positions, prestigious to know better know more to believe handed out to the reader kins in hopes they have won the knowledge to own there works of penmanship in character and patent office daisy wheel electromagnetic conduit flywheel concept of electricity to every one who can engineer there own power.

So why does the higher learning class need others to bank upon for talent? yet be hero to many laws if not shown, the world faces new orders for new order in governing the classes on just what they can or cannot do.

The biased events to message the peoples desperation they all face of uncompressed belief to what they have just recently learned in a new social graces order.

Why the social carnage to be on board or not to be on board? is leaving the ones next to you in a reminder of wars of the past, or a deal to let live and let die?

Any ways, i read the news today oh boy, the paper says… the paper says a man in moncton went on gun fire, fighting D-day controversy, why D-day? The answers says to the common wealth nations, belief in freedom, even though taxations our partial to the roman empire, as this is how freedoms of this mathematical equation in books, peoples and commercial enterprizes work, each have a company to be there own, no crowns, nor govi owned biz will falter the spirits of the freedoms of the peoples, if govi owns biz, and friends of the gov-is own all biz we see a dangers d-day occuring again, who runs the biz in Canada? the crowns or the peoples?


OK lets cause the d-day issues of the past, and why? so 1965 a politician pushed the limits on elbow room in Alberta, he also worried the population bloom and food shortages, and again accusation to peoples habits a crime or up for charges of the peoples innocence by there given rights to follow as they were given.

The claim to ensure genetic disposition between keeping gene pure was theame of the puritans of the old Boston tea party in old demographic exchanges, synchronized.

Princess diana in the dinner galla ball conferance before her accident, the politics behind press and ad worries of professional, disabled persons in the work force, the lame and sick were seen as the less, but as we know some numbers knock the socks off the minds these masters behind the policies of laws, politics and infrastructures we call home to a nation.

We take the mathematical means of the black hole, remember who done this for nasa, you guess the name, its not my job, but yours, anyways, we take the clothing providers in the Diania era, her driver with glasses thick inch in sightness, and medication that inspired the same results as the tv ad of mother who was singal, and no arms, but had chirldren and drove a car with her feet, and cooked dinner with her feet as well.

The car brakes in the mirror daily? the press said a russian guy hiding in crimea tampered with brakes, how could one do that? come on now.. any ways gps was only for the presidents and high figures such as Diana and the entourage.

So why the car speed in a french tunnel? yup, a security breach was said to be in the impersonation of a wrongdoers who pose as photo shooters but really the heated event on opportunity in a photo shoot for imposters blending in as photo shoot personnel? or were others hiding? this means the issues were not sovled by making more means of closure.

The car was to take a different route in the event of a emergency, the driver has tunnel vision, we know in Canada, and Manitoba tunnel vision on security personal causes investigations to be over looked, and need a more professional look of power to control the wisest of oppositions.

So why did a Mercedes go 120 clicks in a tunnel? hmm? why did the call of such a breach become a cascade of a cat n mouse game? was she that dangerous to an arms merchant? or was she dangerous enough to actually change the world?

why did christ recieve his public exection by thevotes alone who inspired the agreed to execute? why did the christ get ececuted? his he too a dangerious subject to change the world?

Why does the accident occur to may who can change the world? scared to fall is what may make many beleive the power and influence can be changed to another, this is today’s ageism of advertising in gameing, news articles and flash hot sale ads.

For tommoowrs youth to know they are more dangerious just liberating there democratic rights to be professionally heard to exploit the lands left for there own, and it seems the kiddies of tommowor were the organisms that nealy extiguished the globe of a stable element they taken for granted, and as they felt left out, breeding was a voting right to exploit, but care to repair was on the law givers registrations, they were one point molecules to freezing, and exterminating there kind into a dangerious new type of organisms, a unstoppable kind, moving its way on to the next, so, carful on how the royal coaches lead natives to the dominions and to revered lands as part of the agreements to the lands and titlement s act for the subjects of the british crowns of the old era, the sencond world war and the jewish peoples? they had no land either, palistine too was a mixed breeding vblood content and finding puritan beliefes was much harder than convincng the world arean vanguard of the ancient cheines was the once ruler of all work forces until the japanes euiuyt the white japanese in the mountains, with beards.


more next time






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