I have had to re-write the title header on this article book of survival in the early transitional era’s of early settlers conducting to tame the lands of a new frontier.

The cold American is about not timed coinicidence to what is heard, learned and provided to link issues and causes explained as a mystery to control paramters of thought, patent rights and innovations to the same stories, wording, sounds and frequencies re-attend to display the repetative pluruals of learned inscriptions to sound wave particles, sound wave penatration and encode and embedd.

The issues is asnwered, to a younger study subject of science that is, now older relics know more than just appling a little info at a time, so no interactions, interuptions to repeat the clash of an pool with one or two frequencies on the same wave particle instructions that cause sound waves to produce disfunctional agreements on both abnormal and normal wave particles projecting newer waves over the older learning modulas in there area or prememises.

The bose Einstein wave particle yes is old but complete on answering the qustions to see how behaviors and the events of causes to survival, repaeat it self as periodicals become habits to learning disabilities in the normal numbers conduct frequencies in controled numbers of sending conduit resting points and conduit stimulation waves the 3-d brain tours can’t map to mimic predictability even in the most sensative issues to a twin born apart, even in 39 to 42 days apart but still cell twins, and even hybrid predictions in survival chemicals listed in sequences of aminomacid sequnce mapping the brain chemical logging and placement areas to when, were and when they actually can be activated, whic is at any given point of free choice and is not labeled to exploit there own reasoning to survive.

The cold american is about the issues that contain a human being in land inspired by british leaders and there heir to a throne in the new lands as the british kings newly aquired subjects decide to rebel against the taxation causes in which resulted in civil war as a repetative in periodical events that had planning to this by unknown creations of the past, as we know now is history, and it is used to ensure the learning processes are a lesson of the old orders to be rules and laws, weather child, woman and man who are loyal, will still be a mark, as to be trusted by a kings wildest dreams to counteract the others in race to populate the new lands.

So why others? There are other rich folks in the countries of the lands not common wealth inherited or learned on the political systems of this monarcy rules, old but powerful in giving if behavirs are sutble to allow laws to favor in balances with out interuption of establishing commerce and having crowns own the rights take, tax and use the peoples ingeunity, innovations and inventions as the crowns, since they are on crown lands, crown laws and enforced by crown rulers. Old norse laws of the Germanic era.

See the questions I will ask on face book to my own comment answering, this is logged into my own comptuer systems, some what a 3-d decision systems, not like the old second world war tube computers on decoding enemy talks, languages and repetative words relating to actions, nouns and projections to projects, like project over lord, which to me sounds like landlords, how many lords are there one little boy answered? How many child? there are more lords in the house of assemblies than you can shake a stick at a old wise man, and having the a child young as you be stretched on the rack for threatening the dukes, and erls stationed here as future prime ministeres to the king, and his devoted armies by his side, why?

You mean all the lords in the assembly will aggree to stretch me, a young boy of nine, on the rack for waving a stick? Yes child, you don’t wave a stick at the ones who created your housing arrangements now is it?

But sir My parents pay to stay when you sent are families over here in the first place, so why have me stretched in front of every body?

To set example child. Remember you are the poster child with choices to our futues very survivals of supporting the kings entoruage here in these new lands, if choices are made to foul the respected rules of learning how to act, function and when, when not to cause, or disrupt, and yes interupt when you are asked not too, then loss of the future is at your own inner circles of what is known as a break away caucus, an other formation to a splinter goverment other than your forefathers who taught you the right ways to run the peoples in the right directions, not a distrubance dirtection.

So, it is law, you wave a stick in the your majesties face, your body is on display to be stretched as an example in good mannrs and faith to our right hands of power handed to the selected few, for the ones who do wave sticks, they lose the chance to rule as the fore fathers have, thats your ticket to inherite the throne deals, a chance ensure subjects can continue to perform laws, commerce and a common wealth alliance, in return you recieve the freedoms, and mere price, a tax is all that is asked for, thats it, and no more, just a mere tax child in return, does it makes sense child?

Yes it does my lord, is it ok to call you lord too? sure it is. nothing wrong in showing who we all represent to lifes given gifts of ensuring prosperities.

Child, I mean can I call you by a name child? What is your name? Oligolith mannis titus pluto sir, geeze child that is long name, I have not heard a name like that since the east indian trading company in the early years of pressing rights in that country.

We take things a little more persaded to the peoples belief on who can get away with what and who can bend our written laws, and yes child who would benifit if bending the laws in favors of the crowns, and the lords we sit and make laws for the peoples to follow.

My lord, does this mean families of your higness who wave a stick in front of the king, and does he get stretched too? or does the laws benifit by bending laws to free a boy not known to the peoples at all, and a boy who broke the laws as well knows the law makers them selfs, who can the laws be applied next again if bending laws in the public curious ventures to be involved to support the bending of laws outside the boys reprenstions, means laywers not our public servants in policing who protect the physical and written laws, not to influence the publics interests to bend it for the police them selfs, so you see child, waiting to have a lawyer in the house or a force, of our protectors allow rule bending means trouble for the billions once again in the futures, and it you child by the laws invested, waving a stick in front of a king, and since know one knows you, and my house of representatives holding differant laws in diffreant departments and one that goes out side there posts to see workable laws other than what we do on top of the entire chain of command is a act of treasons, but its bendable like you ask, if a post master goes to the public and asks you the unknown child to be stretched, by public demand as we do to gather voting i,mportance by this structure, the laws fold in on your futures child, there is no jobs then for the poste master who goes out side his/her ranks and uses the public to gain law bending properites to gain only belief other than convictions of rules, so if the our protectors bend the rules to have there own wave sticks and not be punished cause of there post next to the king, the loss is again your own and this experiment is the cost of appling this venture to your wants instead of needs as the king gave you the wisdom, and not gain only for one child but for all, and yes child in the end the kning must decide no laws given to follow cannot be bent by a man or a woman and or child who poster ther special requests to ally the futures, the laws given will future the peoples who follow, and not gain to one group, equality to opportunities we face with in the pools who do not follow, but at times not know any better, evenif they have a post as important as I.

So, if my ptrotector decoied to take my throne by vote stealing, sure no words can listen to the babbles of laws being heard, in the undue processes, so please this woman is a very, very powerful lady of the protectors in the cabnet today, but her power is felt to north, west and the east, yes and down south, so please child carful and instruct her as a guide for her, remeber she is special.

now go child, you free, free to know law, and use it wisely, and guide your assembly with what the kings, queens and others around the world powers of this political axis can give you, you child will ask here not to bend the rules in favor, its the arms manufactures to the old JFK era in powers of telling how soft the words can cause power struggles, so dont seperate the laws written by your policing outside his/her posts, if you allow the bending, no witness protection programs, they fail up here, down south and you will alos be aware of the cause behind the laws you can produce at your own gain once again causing the peoples to coo and distort the federal laws given to you to follow, so, have your power to enforce and know who works in your department, other wisw let them run the throne once again, it happened to ceasor, and his protectors over time, so once to powerfull we dismalte the policing protectors in ceasors cabenit, this truth to the history and biography of ceaors and the roman army employed to protect the enperor of rome 9 out 500 units per cubits, no differ than the kings way to serve him, so dont be perswaded to bend the laws because of law posts we employ to follow, bending the rules is the kings job not the sefant who enforce them, so once you reach the age, you will hate the crowns but again you will again be honoured to be part of this dynasty. so carry on. The cold american is about survival in common wealth lands of an old order, not any thing elese.


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