EXULTING OFFICE II (Ancient Genology)

Ancient tribes, what does modern science have to offer the public education system besides taxing the occupier of who is stamped to become educated what is paid for?

Let’s take something from who we all carry a common bond from purchases and other economic descretions when invovled in economically to dominate companies and the people and share holders who run them for world wide uses. Risky buissness unleashed, part II.

I had wondered at one time when names, aliases had become to there origins, scinetifaclly i am going to use a math naturally not used as a paid part of the modern western education system, this one is owned by the human brain, and not from this continent.

Ready to exult your own ideas ment to please another? Goot, nowz zletsz zsee vhatz goings tooz happanz onz howz germanz professoionsz and kiddiesz vill operate za bigz vheelz yaz?

Liberrtine the others by voting popularity on instant flashing of strengths and weakness, steriotypical association with each others class of doing it better than each one, al,ost like sheioking shrek of an old movie.

this post died, the exulting office will not be posted here, due to so many free fees of eyes who want others beuaty to claim fame, and give shame on to others wonders of the world, so what ill do is give the entire secrtes of the world. except reality shows, they do there work a little over rated than some can envision imagination were ecery body has bintherdundat to many times in peoples foots steps of our off spring blood lines of tommorow. opps did i say kiddie jails while emoepor forgives the thief? what a card to politic to tame the classes using this round table, it works, trust me it works. lauren